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Drinn townland,Dromara

Welcome to Place Names of Co. Down, Ireland

over 7,000 places listed

These pages include all reference to any geographical or man made feature I could find in my resources.
They are mainly townlands unless otherwise stated e.g. farm, river, village, mountain.

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Click here for a translation of the various parts of Irish place names e.g. Kilmore = kil (church) more ( big) or big church

Townland names probably came into use in connection with the periodic distribution of tribe lands under Brehon laws, as the laws of ancient Ireland were called. The habits of the people then were mainly pastoral and settled individual possession of land was not the rule. All the lands belonged to the tribe and its subdivisions called clans. By a practice known as Gavelkind, the tribal lands were liable to distribution every second or third year. (GAA CS p476)