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Greencastle, Kilkeel

Place Names of Co. Down: G.......


Place Names Parish Map Ref Information
Gabbock Island Grey Abbey 21: 55/66 rocks in Strangford Lough, 3km W of Ballygarvan townland; name means a kind of fish
PNNI V2 p 210 
Gables (The) Ballyphillip . in Portaferry; residence of David Lawson in 1920 MIs
Gables (The) Kilmegan . in Dundrum; residence of Edward G. Henesey J.P in 1910 DR 6/9/1924
Gaddis Hill Killinchy . 230 feet above sea level; near Killinchy town V7 p 86 OSM
Gall Dromore partly in Garvaghy parish;a bog here V12 p71,73, 80, 89 OSM
Gallaghgreenan Drumballyroney see Grallaghgreenan
Gall Bog Garvaghy 20: 21/48 just N of Garvaghy village; a straight race course ran through it; Staghounds here 1 Feb 1935
PNNI V6 p 191 , 208; DR
Galloway's Bridge Donaghadee 15:60/79 rocky outcrop on the shore; 2km S of Donaghadee town .
Galloway Hill Comber 21: 41/66 5km SW of Comber
Gallows Burn Dromore 20: 19/53 river; just N of Dromore; bridge 1km N of town
old b/w map J6
Gallows Hill Down . at the top of Scotch St, Downpatrick; site of military barracks in 1717
LM 1983 p48
Gally Hill Inch 21: 49/49 overlooks Finnebrogue Lough, 5km N of Downpatrick; the proprietor in 1795 was C. Jennings
Galway's Fort Dundonald . in Ballymiscaw; an ancient rath
TMUOP p50,51
Galywally Knockbreda a townland 1km N of Newtownbreda; 224 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map
Galywally House Knockbreda residence of the Strain family; villas built in the grounds called Galwally Park in 1888
ACS p7
Gavmblestown Magheralin 20: 13/55 village; 2km NE of Donaghcloney village in Clogher townland
PNNI V6 p 252 


Ballywalter & Donaghadee 21: 61/72 a divided townland of 360 & 184 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' a sandy area'; part of the Manor of Ballywalter in the reign of King Charles 1st; in 1659 there were 12 English/Scots & 4 Catholic families here;corn mill and windmill for grinding corn in 1836; Donaghadee part owned by James Allen in 1863; destruction of flax scutching mill 12 Nov 1881;Boys Brigade camps held here c. 1924 V17 p 124, 125 & V7 p 17, 18 OSM;SP; NC; PNNI V2 p 71; GV; NDM p81
Ganaway Bridge & Bay Ballywalter 21: 61/73 1km N of Ganaway townland  .
Ganaway Burn Killinchy 21: 51/62 runs into Strangford Lough near Whiterock  .
Ganaway House Ballywalter . residence of William McKee in 1910
Ganaway Rock Warrenpoint 29: 14/18 in Carlingford Lough just off Warrenpoint
Ganlis Dromore . just N of Dromore town
V12 p 21 OSM
Ballykinler . an ancient townland now in Ballykinler Upper
LR 2005 p23
Gape Row Dundonald . built c. 1815 by Rev Cleland; a row of whitewashed terraced cottages on Newtownards Rd, Dundonald village; demolished in 1934' ;proper name White Row; photo available
NDM 10; TMUOP p114,237
Gar Annahilt 20: 30/58 farm;near Larchfield estate  .
Garden Cottage Warrenpoint . a house & small garden in Great Georges St, Warrenpoint ,leased by Isabella Quinn in 1863 from Henry Wright
Garden Lodge Holywood . house & farm of 79 acres in Knocknagoney townland; leased by George Jackson in 1863 from John Harrison GV
Gardners Loan Ends Drumbeg 20: 30/66 farm; 1km S of Drumbeg village  .


Drumgooland 29: 28/38 a townland 1km SE of Ballyward; 682 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; in 1659 Census it was called Garvegary and there were 8 Irish families here only; by 1841 Census there were 88 families with 207 males & 237 females ; Catholic chapel here & Parochial House; corn mill here in 1836 V3 p 22,24 OSM; GIC; DCPH p 47,131
Gargarry Cottage Drumgooland 29: 27/38 in Ballyward village; the proprietor in 1795 was John Ingram
Garley House Drumballyroney . farm; 4km W of Rathfriland OS map 1902 2.05. old b/w map D9
Garmoyle Bangor . large house & gardens, in Raglan Rd, Bangor in 1901 OS map 1902 2.05.
Garnerville Holywood house & farm of 48 acres in Ballymaghan townland ; 2km S of Holywood town, now Holywood Rd, Strandtown ; residence of Capt. Garner in 1852; leased by John H. Garner in 1863 from Thomas McClure; death of Col. John Hutchinson Garner, Strandtown 11th May 1878; residence of John R. Noble in 1902 old b/w map S5; GV; DR; POD
Dromore . old name for Coolsallagh townland on Rent Roll of 1692
PNNI V6 p 118
Garranard Holywood . in Circular Rd, Strandtown; residence of William H. Patterson in 1902
POD; ACS p11
Garriclough River Saintfield . ancient name for Ravernet River
O'L V1 p 373
Garter Rock Witter 21: 61/45 large rock at the entrance to Strangford Lough; James Cotter marooned here in 1793
PNNI V2 p 136; JUAHS p30
Garth House Bangor . a villa in Maxwell Rd, Bangor; a private school; formerly Laurel Lodge in 1915
Bangor p42
Gartross Magheralin 20: 15/58 a townland 3km E of Magheralin; 209 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means ' Ross's field'; held by Sir George Rawsden in 1666; a proprietor in 1795 was Mrs. McKinley
PNNI V6 p 240, 241UJA
Garvaghy 20: 21/48 a village, a townland of 722 acres & a parish; 5km SSE of Dromore; click here to see its location on a townland map; means' rough field'; school, corn & flax mill here in 1836; proprietor Mr Wakefield in 1836; parish & Presbyterian churches here V12 p 80, 81, 83 OSM ; PNNI V6 p 190
Garvaghy Hill Garvaghy . hill of 671 feet
Gaul Bog Garvaghy . see under Gall Bog
Gauntley Hill Bangor 15:49/79 part of Clandeboye Estate; 2km S of Bangor .
Gazebo Hill Down . over looking Downpatrick race course in Ballymote townland
LM 1992 p41 (map)
Geagrelagh Magheralin . spelling used for Gregorlough townland in 1659 census
PNNI V6 p 241
Geddis Bridge Clonduff 29: 25/36 over the Muddock river, near Islandmoyle townland
Geddis Bridge Drumgooland . 3km SW of Ballyward
old b/w map G11
Geehan's Bridge Magheralin 20: 12/57 over River Lagan ;on Dromore road; 3km NE of Waringstown
PNNI V6 p 251 , 252
Genavants Kilkeel . alternate name for Guineways townland in 1688
PNNI V3 p 45
George's Point Bangor . eastern extremity of Bangor Bay
V7 p 22 OSM
Georges Quay Kilkeel 29: 38/23 rocky coastline; 3km N of Annalong
Ghaist/ Ghost Hole Comber . on Killinchy Road ; smugglers landed illicit cargo here TOOC p33,34
Ghann Cottage Kilbroney . house & 4 acres , beside the shore of the Newry road; near General Ross' monument; the proprietor in 1795 was Col. Ross; residence of Dorcas Carleton in 1831 & Mrs Ross of Carrickbawn & Bladensburg in 1836 & Thomas Disney Esq, in 1846; leased by Anna Hall in 1863 from David Ross; also known as Old Hall ; residence of the Misses Synott in 1910 UJA; IIW V4 p 22; V3 p 27 OSM; PNNI V3 p 180; OFN p 25; GV;POD
Ghann River Kilbroney 29: 17/22 falls into Carlingford Lough near Rostrevor; Hall bridge here ; means ' scanty river' V3 p26,27, 28 OSM; PNNI V1 p 158 & V3 p 179
Giants Close Newry . farm; 2km E of Newry town
old b/w map C10
Giant's Grave/ Ring Comber . in Ballygraffan townland; ancient stone megaliths TOOC p18
Giant's Stones Kilmore . farm; 3km N of Crossgar
old b/w map P11
Gibb’s Island Killyleagh 21: 51/50 in Strangford Lough, 2km S of Killyleagh; 12 acres;
Gihonsbridge Magheralin . allternate spelling for Geehan's Bridge in 1801
IIW V4 p48
Gilberton Bright . ancient place name belonging to Sir Jancio D'Artois in 1427, a gift from abbot of Inch O'L V1 p 151
Gilford Tullylish 20: 6/48 village near a bridge over River Bann ; 5km NW of Banbridge; click here for a photo and more information .
Gilford Castle Tullylish residence of Sir William Johnston in 1824; rebuilt by the Benjamin Dickson in 1864 , a partner in the 'Dunbar, Dickson & McMaster' spinning company and a number of other fine houses such as Dunbarton & Woodbank; owned by Sir William Johnston in 1886 but in ruins POD; BIH p 13; BCT p 16; PNNI V6 p 328, 350
Gilford House Tullylish . the proprietor in 1795 was Sir W. Johnston Bart; residence of John George McMaster in 1889
UJA; OFB p135
Gilford Mill Tullylish . near Gilford; built 1841; a linen thread works & spinning mill owned by Dunbar, McMaster & Co.man made lake built 1869 after a serious fire; photo available
Gillanharna Tullynakill . ancient name of Ballyglighorn townland O'L V1 p 364
Gillglash Kilmore along the river; an old Catholic chapel KCB p 24
Gillhall Dromore in Coolsallagh townland; click here for a photo and more information .
Gills Lough Saintfield 20:36/58 a townland 5km W of Saintfield on the Carryduff to Ballynahinch road; click here to see its location on a map; a small lake with trout, pike & eels in it in 1837
V7 p 117 ,119 OSM  
Knockbreda 21: 40/71 a townland 3km S of Dundonald; 499 acres ;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' hill of the hornblower'; had a flax mill in 1832; appeals against the Tithes in this townland 4 Jan 1834 (NH) ; Presbyterian church here; woman beaten to death 19 May 1894 (NC); Gilnahirk Pipe band here in 1919 attached to Presbyterian Church ); see Aiden Campbell's pictorial hisory of Gilnahirk ISBN 978-0-9558152-2-5 published 2010 ACG p5,9 , 108 ,109; V7 p 102 OSM: NH; GIPR; NC;GV
Gilnahirk House Knockbreda . built in 1906 by Adam Henry Shanks; b/w photo available
ACG p133
Gilpin Harbour Dunsfort 21: 59/41 small area of ocean between Guns Island and Ballyhornan townland
Gilpin Rock Dunsfort 21: 59/41 at the southern tip of Gunns Island in the Irish Sea
Ginevans Kilkeel . alternate name for Guineways townland in 1830
PNNI V3 p 45
Girvan's Lane Ends Saintfield 20: 36/58 crossroads ; Carryduff to Ballynahinch N -S & Saintfield to Ballycreen E-West
Gladney Loughinisland 20: 38/46 farm; in Drumsnade townland; 2km W of Loughinisland village
old b/w map M11
Glandore Villas Knockbreda . a large Victorian semi-detached red brick terrace at 106-108 Kings Rd, East Belfast ; 2 residence in 1902 for William Finlay &Miss McDowell then residence of Charles Chambers in 1925
POD; ACC p63
Glanflush Aghaderg + another name for the Dane's Cast dyke which runs from Lisnagade ancient fort into south Co Armagh BIH p 8
Glanloughan Aghaderg  . see under Glenloughan V12 p 2 OSM
Glanrye River Newry . alternate spelling for Clanrye River which runs through Newry Town
PNNI V1 p 40
Glanrye Cottage Newry . house & farm of 13 acres ;in Commons townland, 1km S of Newry; leased by James Fegan in 1863 from Kilmorey Estate ; owned by James Fegan in 1876 with 6 acres
old b/w map B10; GV ; LOI
Glascar Aghaderg . see Glasker .
Kilkeel  . a townland of 1170 acres; ancient names was Glasromine; click here to see its position on a townland map;means ' green hollick'; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1552 & owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s ; Catholic church here; in 1659 there were 10 English/Scots families living here & the owner was Savage Leech Esq.
GIC; SP; PNNI V3 p 10, 39; MO 5/8/2009 p6
Glasdrumman Bridge Kilkeel 29: 37/23 over Spences River & Annalong to Newcastle road  .
Glasdrumman Cottage Kilkeel . farm; 3km N of Annalong; residence of J. Thompson in 1910
old b/w map H16; POD
Glasdrumman House Kilkeel 29: 37/22 farm, 2km N of Annalong; residence of Mrs Senior in 1863 & Joseph McNeilly in 1910
Glasdrumman Upper Kilkeel 1890 acres
Glasdrumman Port Kilkeel 29: 38/23 rocky coast in Irish Sea, 3km N of Annalong  



Magheradrool 20: 36/55 a townland 1110 acres: 3km N of Ballynahinch on the Carryduff road; click here to see its location on a townland map; means “ green ridge”; in 1659 there were 0 English/Scots & 12 Catholic families here ; owned by Lord Moira in 1782 (560 acres of arable land, 81 acres of turf bog & 25 acres of lough) ; Loyal Orange Lodge #660 established here in 1798 with 46 members; a proprietor in 1795 was W. Armstrong; bought by Ker family in 1802; proprietor David Ker Esq. in 1836; crops- potatoes, oats & barley; school here in 1836; death of Rev. G. G. Smyth 18 Jul 1885; old general graveyard here SHM '86 p 32; MO 6/6/2012 p41; V17 p 99, 104, 105 OSM;UJA; EMLR; BH; HCDTD p38; DR; GIC; DR* 3/12/03
Glasdrumman Glassdrummond
Saintfield a townland 695 acres; just N of Saintfield town; click here to see its location on a townland map; means “ green ridge”;on the Glasswater River; water mill to grind corn built 1720w; in 1659 there were 4 English/ Scots & 15 Catholic families .living here; in 1837 there was a corn mill belonging to Alexander McBirnie & a flax mill belonging to J. McBirnie; a small lake with pike, trout & eels ; in 1837 there were 27 houses; 99 males & 94 females; best quality land; farms from 20-40 acres; rents from 20-30 shillings an acre; the proprietor then was Mr Price of Saintfield
SP: SHM '94 p55 & '86 p 32 & '98 p 1; V 7 p 114, 117, 120 OSM; HMP
Glaskerbeg West Aghaderg 29: 12/38 a townland 6km S of Loughbrickland; 249 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; a school here but parents more likely to keep children at home to help on the farm in 1836 V12 p 2,5 OSM
Glaskerbeg East Aghaderg . a townland 282 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'little green meadow' ; both townlands originally owned by Sir Art Magennis
PNNI V6 p 39.
Glasker Bridge Aghaderg 29: 14/37 over a stream 7km SE of Loughbrickland
Glascar Hill Aghaderg . residence of John Fletcher J.P. in 1910
Glasker more Aghaderg 29: 14/37 a townland 6km SE of Loughbrickland; 578 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; 565 ft above sea level; means ' big green meadow' ; a watermill here in 1740 owned by John McDouall; Presbyterian church here; school here in 1836 ; milltown here V12 p 2,8 OSM; Registry of Deeds, Dublin; GIC; PNNI V6 p 40
Glasquirin Magherally . an ancient district name, held by Con Boy McPhellomie McHugh Magennis in 1609
PNNI V6 p 11, 251, 257
Glassdrummond . . see Glasdrummond .
Glass Moss Comber 21: 47/70 a townland 2km NE of Comber; 38 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; where glassmaking sand was dug; paid no county cess in 1834; railway line here in 1863; the Glasmoss Commons case 28 Feb 1885
V7 p 83 OSM  ;TOOC p67; GV; NC
Glass Moss Tullylish 20: 7/51 bog, 3km N of Tullylish town in Knocknagore townland
PNNI V6 p 336 
Glasswater Kilmore 21: 45/54 a river; 2km N of Crossgar
old b/w map P11 
21: 62/63 a townland 2km SW of Ballyhalbert; 897 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' green grassy area'; in 1659 there were 12 English/Scots & 3 Catholic families here; Presbyterian & Methodist church here; a hedge school here in 1834; dispensary here in 1863; sale of Glastry flax & scutch mills & brick & tile works 28 Dec 1872; steam flax scutching mill destroyed by fire 3 Dec 1881 V17 p12& V7 p18, 84, 85 OSM ; SP; GV; GV; GIPR; GIC; NI; NC; PNNI V2 p 89
Glastry Inishargy . house & farm of 59 acres; leased by John Mayne in 1863 from David S. Ker
Glastry House Inishargy . house & farm of 15 acres; the proprietor in 1795 was Henry Savage; Glastry House to let 12 May 1838; leased by Rev.William Spedding in 1863 from William Shaw; residence of Mrs Margaret McKelvey in 1910
DR; old b/w map W14; UJA; GV ; POD
Glebe (Glebe lands were set up to support the Church of Ireland) Annahilt 20: 30/57 a townland of 91 acres; 2km NE of Annahilt village; click here to see its location on a townland map; occupied by Rev Mr Faloon in 1836; good quality land; 5 houses with 4 families employed in agriculture; 15 males & 14 females; 6 servants
V12 p 20, 23 OSM ; HMP
Glebe Clonallan 317 acres
Glebe Donaghmore a townland NW of Tullymurry townland; 58 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; in 1768 a house was built here on Glebe lands
PNNI V1 p 101 
Glebe Kilclief a townland just west of Kilclief town; 400 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; belonged to the Archdeacon in 1836; incorporates the ancient townland of Drumroe, Cariff & Caravanish
Inv 2002 p 33; Inv 2013 p48 (map of farms) ,50
Glebe Rathmullan a townland 7km WNW of Killough town; 8 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map
Glebe Bog Ananclone 20: 16/42 124 acres; 2km NW of Annaclone village;given by Lord Downshire to the rectory, most pasture by 1834; contains the rectory and a school
V12 p 23 OSM; PNNI V6 p 74
Glebe House Drumballyroney . in Aughnavallog townland; built by Rev. J. Dubourdieu in 1822 for £700
PNNI V6 p 181
Glebe House Magherahamlet . 2km SW of Spa
old b/w map L10
Gledney Magheradrool . name of one of the west quarters in Drumsnade townland in 1782
Glen (The) Bangor 15:47/81 wooded area; just N of Crawfordsburn village .
Glen (The) Bright 21: 48/38 farm, 5km NW of Killough
Glen (The) Clonduff . near Hilltown; farm of the Murphy family c. 1940
LR 2006 p62
Glen (The) Donaghmore . alternate name for ancient manor of Clangan; now a district name; originally belonged to O'Hagan family in 1611; residence of Samuel Livingston Frazer in 1856
OFN p 120; PNNI V1 p 112, 113
Glen (The) Dromara 20: 32/48 farm; 5km SE of Dromara; the proprietor in 1795 was John Davis
Glen Kilkeel . in Ballinran townland near Annalong
MO 7/03; DR* 29/5/1935
Glen (The) Newry . the proprietor in 1795 was Mr. Glenn; residence of Samuel Turner in 1798 & Samuel Livingston Frazer before 1856 & Baron F. L. Von Stieglitz in 1862
UJA; MO 17/3/2010 p14; IIW # 24853; POD
Glenada Knockbreda . in Castlereagh Rd, East Belfast ; residence of Thomas McKenna in 1902
Glenada House Inn Kilcoo . in Newcastle; to be opened as a hotel, Alexander Rule, proprietor 26 Feb 1842; ready for visitors 14 May 1842; Robert McKee proprietor 16 Jun 1849; a Y.W.C.A. in 1905
NWAG p 44: DR
Glenalough Bangor . villa in Ballyholme Rd, Bangor; residence of H.P. Hoggin 1901
Glenaltans Knockbreda . an detached house in Kings Rd, East Belfast then converted into two semi-detached houses ; residence of Dr. James King Kerr in 1893 & 1895 & 1902 (who left it to Jack britton when he died) and Matthew McKeown in 1902; b/w photo available; converted into a residental care home in 1980s; demolished in 1990s and now an apartment block
BWN;POD ; OS map 1902 5.09; ACC p7,58,60,62
Glenaveagh Stream Clonduff 29: 25/29 runs off Kinnahalla Mountain in the Mournes
PNNI V3 p 180 
Glenavon Knockbreda . villa & garden in Barnetts Rd, Knock ; residence of Joseph Campbell in 1902
POD; OS map 1902 5.09
Glenavy Lower Blaris parish works program; mill here ; arrival of Rev Charles Watson 28 Mar 1885 V12 p 40, 42 OSM; DR
Glenavy Upper Blaris parish works program; formation of Constitutional Tenant Farmers' Association 4 Apr 1874 V12 p 40, 42 OSM; DR
Glenbank Bangor . a large villa in Princetown Rd, Bangor ;built in 1890 for Conor family; residence of W.F.C.S. Corry in 1901; retirement residence of Rev. Edward Maguire in 1903
OS map 1902 2.05; POD; Bangor p74
Glenbank House Dromore 20: 20/49 farm; 5km S of Dromore
Glenbannah Knockbreda . house & 15 acres in Lisnaharragh townland; leased by Samuel Tierney in 1863 from Marquis of Downshire GV
Glenbanna Tullylish . house near Lawrencetown; residence of F. Uprichard in 1910 POD
Glenbor Holywwod . residence of Jonathan Coredules in 1865
findmypast archives
Glen Bridge Aghaderg 29: 8/37 over a stream, near Drumantine townland
Glen Bridge Drumgath . 1km W of Rathfriland
old b/w mapE10
Glenburn House Drumbeg . farm estate in 1837; fish ponds; small amount of young timber; bleach green
V7 p 52 OSM
Glencairn Bangor . villa in Ward Ave, Bangor; residence of James Crawford in1901
Glencar Seapatrick . on Newry Rd, Banbridge; residence of R. Allingham in 1910
Glencarrick Holywood . gentlemen's house in Ballyrobert townland; residence of Miss Sims in 1834
V7 p 81 OSM
Glencoe House Dromore . residence of the late John & Emily Charlotte Hamilton in 1917 CWGC
Glen Cottage Bangor  . overlooking Ballyholme Bay in Ballymacormick;residence of Henry Jackson in 1901 OS map 1901 2.06 ; POD
Glen Cottage Dromara 20: 24/47 farm; near Gransha Fort in Foothills  .
Glen Cottage Garvaghy . in Carnew; residence of Robert Gamble in 1910
Glen Cottage Knockbreda . house & farm of 97 acres in Cregagh townland; 2km NE of Newtownbreda; leased by John McKee in 1863 from Marquis of Downshire
old b/w map Q6; GV
Glen Cottage Tullylish . in Gilford; residence of Thomas McCullough in 1910
Glencraig Holywood 15:43/82 house & farm of 45 acres in Ballyrobert townland , 2km W of Crawfordsburn; near the coast & Helen's Bay; leased by Miss Mary A. Simms in 1863 from rep. Robert S. Kennedy
Glencraig Holywood . a newish parish carved out of Holywood with Holy Trinity Church of Ireland as parish church
Glencregagh Knockbreda . house & farm of 71 acres in Ballymaconaghy townland; leased by Andrew Smith in 1863 from Marquis of Downshire GV; L13/24 CBSA
Glendale Knockbreda . house in lower Gilnahirk Road ; residence of dairyman John Kyle in 1920 ; now the Four Seasons Nursing Home
ACG p37
Glenderwen Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast ; residence of David Jones in 1902
Glendhu Holywood . in Holywood Rd, Strandtown; major mesolithic site ; residence of William Eweing in 1902
Glendower Bangor . villa in Ballyholme Rd, Bangor; residence of R. Denison in 1901
Glen Dryon House Magheradrool 20: 36/56 farm 4km N of Ballynahinch on the Carryduff road  .
Glen Ebor Cottages Holywood . in Old Holywood Rd, Strandtown; 5 residences in 1902
Glen Farm Hillsborough 20: 22/58 farm; 2km SW of Hillsborough on the Dromore road  .
Holywood . in Circular Rd, Strandtown; residence of Louis Frederick O'Brien in 1896 & James Taylor in 1902
CR; POD; ACS p11
Glenfarne Bangor . villa in Ward Ave, Bangor; residence of F.C. Doranin 1901
Glen Flour Mill Tullylish . at Banford; built before 1834; used water power; photo available
Glen Fofanny River Kilcoo 29: 37/27 runs from the Mourne Mountains to the Irish Sea ; 4km S of Newcastle
PNNI V3 p 180.
Bangor 15:53/83 house & farm of 14 acres in Ballymacormick townland; on the Bangor to Groomsport road, near the shore; built 1820 for the Dufferin family; residence of Dowager Lady Dufferin in 1852; residence of Baroness Dufferin in 1863 then Andrew Cowan in 1875 & 1886 bought by Samuel Kingan c. 1880 - 1901; residence of Samuel Kinghan in 1910 BM; GV; PNNI V2 p 173; POD;OS map 1901 2.06
Glenghan Garvaghy . in Carnew townland; residence Edward Porter Cowan in 1866
Glengrave Dundonald . a farm near Dundonald in 1901
Irish World
Glengregagh Knockbreda 15:36/71 between Newtownbreda & Castlereagh .
Glenhead Blaris parish works program here in 1836, William Hill & John Balmer to widen & repair Hill's Lane leading up to the lime kilns and quarries by Balmer's Glenhead. V12 p 42 OSM
Glen House Newtownards . residence of Charles Coffey Russell in 1876 & William Sibbald Johnston in 1886 PR; POD
Glen House Tullylish 20: 7/49 farmhouse , between Gilford & Tullylish town; residence of William Leech in 1881
Glenhurst Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast ;vacantin 1902
Glenlagan Dromore 20: 24/50 farm; 7km SE of Dromore; residence of Richard Baxter Doake c. 1895
PNNI V6 p 147; CWGC
Glenlola Bangor . in Clifton Rd, Bangor; residence of Rev. Edward Hartin 1901
Aghaderg townland of 261 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' meadow of the small lake'; originally owned by Sir Art Magennis; has an ancient standing stone V12 p 2, 3 OSM; PNNI V6 p 41
Glenloughan Kilkeel 29: 25/16 a townland 5km NW of Kilkeel town; 355 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' meadow of the little lakes'; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1552 & owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s ; in 1659 there were 5 Irish families living here & the owner was Richard Houston Esq.; a Free school here in 1863
CM ; SP; PNNI V3 p 10, 40; MO 5/8/2009 p6; GV
Glenloughan Upper Kilkeel 300 acres
Glenlyon Holywood . near Church Road; residence of Sarah Uprichard in 1893
Glenmachan Holywood . alternate name for Ballymaghan townland
PR; NDM p7; ACS p173 (view)
Glenmachan House Holywood . in Old Holywood Rd, Strandtown; residence of William Ewart in 1886 & Sir William Ewart in 1902 POD
Glenmachan Tower Holywood . in Strandtown; residence of J.J. Shillington in 1886 POD; P6/13 CBSA
Glen Mills Seapatrick . a beetling millowned by George Mullin in 1846
Glenmore Blaris . in Lisburn; residence of Mrs Richardson; head butler, George Bell killed when fowling 9 Aug 1884
Glenns Bay Bangor 15:61/84 eastern bay on Copeland Island .
Glennys Bridge Newry 29: 12/29 over Clanrye river ;4km NE of Newry in Croreagh & Desert townlands
PNNI V1 p 44 
Glenoe Bangor . villa in Princetown Rd, Bangor; residence of H.C.Montgomery in 1901
Glenorchy Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast ; residence of R.J. McMordie in 1902
Glenravel House ? . death of Edward Benn Esq. at Glenravel House 8 Aug 1874
Glen River Drumbeg . runs into the River Lagan from the north; a small mountain stream; in 1837 it was dammed to form a mill race for the water supply of bleach mills in Dunmurry village;
V7 p 52 OSM
Glen River Kilcoo 29: 36/29 runs from the Mourne Mountains to the Irish Sea at Newcastle; also known as the White River
NWAG p 44; PNNI V3 p 180 
Glen River Saintfield . footpath along river to Ballygowan mill; coal mine here owned by Walker c. 1870 SHM '86 p23.27
Glenside Holywood . house & 1 acre in Ballykeel townland; residence of Rev. Henry Henderson in 1852; leased by William Langtry Bell in 1863 from Rev. Henry Henderson ; residence of Jane Frances Higginson in 1890
POD; GV; Irish World
Glenside House Holywood . in Victoria Road; new manse built here for £600 c. 1890 PE
Glenside Place Holywood . 4 houses; in Ballykeel townland; owned by Anna Suffern & Rev.Henry Henderson in 1863 GV
Glentoran Knockbreda . house in Ballymacarrett; residence of William Coates in 1878 OFB p73
Glenvale ? . school here supported by the Hibernian Sunday School Society in 1817 with 140 students attending HSSS
Glenvale Dundonald . residence of Samuel Carson in 1852 POD
Glen Vale Newry farm & residence, ancient stone hatchet found ; the proprietor in 1795 was Isaac Glenny; antiquarian, Isaac Glenny part proprietor of Savalmore townland in 1836; now a Carmelite convent UJA;V3 112 OSM; DDPP p113
Glen View Comber . residence of Mrs. Osborne & W.T. Graham in 1912
Glen View Donaghmore 29: 9/37 farm, 7km S of Loughbrickland  
Glenview Dundonald . residence of David Lindsay in 1902 POD
Glen View Holywood . farm; just E of Holywood town in Strandtown; residence of William Alexander Mackey in 1873 old b/w map T 5; MIs
Glen View Knockbreda . house & 43 acres in Carnamuck townland; leased by George Martin in 1863 from Marquis of Downshire GV
Glenville Newry . farm; 4km NE of Newry town; residence of Charles Hall in 1791 & Isaac Glenny in 1821 ; owned by Mr. John Glenny in 1876 with 40 acres & James McClelland with 77 acres in 1876 & William Glenny in 1876 with 284 acres old b/w map B9; PR; POD; PR; LOI;PNNI V1 p 44
Glenwater or
Glin Flush
Donaghmore . a river which runs into Newry River PNNI V1 p 42
Globe quarry Newtownards opened by John McWhinney 8 Jul 1882 DR
Tyrella . a townland of 436 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; owned by Alderman Hutchinson before 1670 then William Hamilton; banquet by tenantry to Lieut William E. Montgomery 29 Aug 1868 LR 2006 p18;LM 1999 p90
Glovet Hill Tyrella 21: 45/37 or Cove Hill, overlooking Dundrum Bay, 6km SW of Downpatrick; DR
Glushgrove Dromore . a farm house in Tullyglush townland; residence of John Jamison in 1853 PNNI V6 p 143; IIW V4 p66
Gnonegranes Newtownards . ancient townland in 1659 Census; in 1659 there were 6 English/Scots & 4 Catholic families here; SP
Goak Hill Drumballyroney . farm; 2km E of Rathfriland; means ' cuckoo hill' old b/w map F11; PNNI V6 p 163
Goard Clonduff . alternate spelling for Goward townland in 1830 PNNI V3 p 88
Goat's Bog Drumballyroney . in Moneygore townland PNNI V6 p 173
Gocean Bridge Killyleagh on the Comber road DR
Gocean Lodge Killyleagh . residence of Arthur H. Read Esq. in 1838 & of John Carr Esq. 29 Aug 1863 BN; DR
Golbornes Hole Saul . a bay in the Quoile River below Quoile Castle; named after engineer , John Golborne was worked on the river c. 1717 DR 11/1/1941L
Golf Hotel Ardglass . proprietor in 1911 was Mr. H.W. Bell LM 1992 p55
Gooleystown Magheralin . in Ballyleny townland PNNI V6 p 218
Gooseen Well Knockbreda . at the foot of Millers Hill; about 3 metres deep
ACG p124
Goragh Wood Newry  . in Killevy parish in Co Armagh; customs station on the border with the Republic; railway collision on Belfast Junction 20 May 1871 DR: RM p 40 map
Gordonall Grey Abbey 21: 57/69 a townland 1km NW of Grey Abbey on the shores of Strangford Lough; 112 acres ;click here to see its location on a townland map; only a townland since c. 1830 V17 p 123 & V7 p 68 OSM; PNNI V2 p 207
Gordonville Kilkeel . near Annalong; residence of Dr Gordon in 1910
Gores Island Saul 21: 51/49 large island in Strangford Lough, 2km S of Killyleagh; click here to see its location on a townland map; strong clay soil; has 2 hills of 88 & 50 feet above sea level; home of Teggart family in 1756; there were 2 houses on the island in 1836 V17 p 111, 114 OSM;MID p 168
Gorteen Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast ; residence of Miss Jane Biggarin 1902
Gortglasse Magheralin . alternate name for Gartross townland on Subsidy Roll of 1692
PNNI V6 p 240
Gortgrib Knockbreda a townland 3km NE of Castlereagh; 71 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; site of the ancient church of Ratheaspuic-innic & graveyard, also called Capella de Corcrib; sometimes joined with Gilnmahirk; ; leased by Patrick Montgomery in 1615; held for William Montgomery in 1627 & 1682 ; church lands sold in May 1874
O'L B p 24 , 26, 319; Mountalexander papers PRONI; ACG p33
Gortgrib Cottages Knockbreda . 4 semi-detached houses at 85-91 Gilnahirk Road ; later known as Providence Cottages ACG p37 , 69 (photo)
Gortlands Knockbreda . a big old house across from Tullycarnet School; residence of Mr. Brown c. 1930 (the vet); now demolished
ACG p123
Gortmeyrie Donaghcloney . an ancient hamlet name in Tullyherron townland c. 1611 PNNI V6 p 96
Gortnacor Blaris a townland in Co. Antrim; click here to see its location on a townland map; sandy loam & clay soil V12 p 28 OSM
Gortamoney Gortnomony Moira a townland 2km W of Moira town; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means ' enclosed field of the bog'; belonged to O'Lavery clan in 1609; proprietor Sir R. Bateson in 1836 V12 p 120 OSM; PNNI V6 p 287
Gortnamony House Moira 20: 13/61 a farm; 2km W of Moira; the proprietor in 1795 was W. Rutherford; residence of James Allen in 1910
Gorwacky Garvaghy . spelling for Garvaghy in 1659 census PNNI V6 p 199
Gospelville Seapatrick . near Banbridge; the proprietor in 1795 was John McClelland; residence of John McClelland Esq. in 1819 UJHA;POD
Goward Clonduff 29: 24/23 a townland 4km NE of Hilltown on Kilcoo road; 1533 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means " townland of the raised plinth/ cemetery" (refering to the dolmen); held by Arthur Magennis of Rathfriland in 1609 & by Hieronim Alexander of Dublin in 1639 & the Hill family in 1657; held by Marquis of Downshire in 1863; Kinnahalla Plantation of fir here;click here for a photo of the ancient dolmen V3 p 5 OSM: HMNI p89 ; PNNI V3 p 72, 87; GV; DDPP p105; TC p23
Gowdystown Dromore 20: 17/51 a village, 5km SW of Dromore in Tullymacarath townland
PNNI V6 p 144, 147
Gowlands Beacon Ballytrustan . navigation beacon at entrance to Strangford Lough
LM 2002 p 7
Grace Hall Magheralin 20: 10/59 farm; in Tullyanaghan townland; seat of Douglas family in 1733 & 1834; the proprietor in 1795 was Thomas Douglass; 2791 acres owned by Charles Douglas in 1876
MIs; UJA; PNNI V6 p 251 ; PR;LOI
Gracetown Magherally . farm; 4km NE of Banbridge old b/w map H6
Graceys Harbour Dunsford . popular fishing spot near Guns Island Inv 2000 p 6
Gragertagh Magheralin . alternate spelling for Gregorlough townland on Rent Roll of 1692 PNNI V6 p 241
Graham's Bridge Dundonald . site of roadworks in 1834; a new line of road from Graham's bridge into the main road, which avoided a bad hill & Dundonald village; near Dundonald railway station V7 p65 OSM; TMUOP p127; OS map 1902
Graham's Port
Bangor . alternate name for Groomsport PNNI V2 p 164; FSFD p 15,51
Grallagh-greenan Drumballyroney 29: 18/35 a townland 3km NW of Rathfriland; 443 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map;means ' miry, gravelly place'; owned by Sir Art Megannis in 1609; lake here; Presbyterian Covenanting Meeting House here; Samuel & Thomas Swan major landholders in 1737; a proprietor in 1795 was William Swan; proprietor General Meade in 1836; largest farm was 49 acres; old leases 2-12 shillings an acre; new leases 25-35 shillings; Murder of flax scutcher's wife J. Cuthbertstone 24 Apr 1858 V3 p 14, 15, 18 OSM; UJA;DR: GIC; Registry of Deeds, Dublin (book 88, p354, deed 62899) ; PNNI V6 p 164
Granary (The) Donaghcloney 20: 12/53 farm; 1km W of Donaghcloney town
Granagh Ballyphilip/
21: 61/48 a townland on Carrstown Burn, 3km SE of Portaferry; 155 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means ' a gravelly place'; in 1659 there were 0 English/Scots & 11 Catholic families here;proprietor in 1836 was Mr. Brice Esq. V7 p 8 & V17 p 125 OSM ; SP; PNNI V2 p 48
Granagh Bay Ballyphilip 21: 60/48 at the entrance to Strangford Lough  
Grand Hotel Bangor . in Quay St, Bangor; built 1894-5
OS map 1902 2.05
Grandshaw Ballywalter . alternate name for Ganaway townland in 1834
PNNI V2 p 71;V 7 p 18 OSM
Granfield Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Cranfield townland in 1659 census
PNNI V3 p 34
Grange (The) Bright . near Ballyligg; the proprietor in 1795 was John Henry; residence of Charles Blayney in 1857 & Miss Nina & Maria Price in 1868 & W.H. Moore in 1910
PR;UJA; LR 2013 p67; POD
Grange (The) Donaghcloney . in Waringstown; built 1698; unqiue architecture; photo available
MS WAG p 30
Grange Kilkeel a townland of 175 acres; 4km SW of Kilkeel near Cranfield; click here to see its position on a map; means ' the granary', usually connected to an ancient church; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1552; in 1659 there were 12 Irish families living here & the owner was Richard Houston Esq.; owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s ; 2 schools in area
SPCM; JMLSG 2010 p16; PNNI V3 p 10,41; MO 5/8/2009 p6
Grange (The) Kilmegan home farm; early circular horse-engine house for threshing (photo available); in Castlewellan demesne 21 Dec 1846; residence of Patrick Branney & John Quinn & Patrick Smith in 1910 UF p 44; DR; POD
Grange Loughinisland . this place is mentioned a lot in Loughinisland Catholic registers and I believe it to be an abbreviation of Woodgrange .
Grange Lower Newry detached townland 30km N of Newry town; 903 acres: in Co Armagh in 1999; click here to see its location on a townland map
PNNI V1 p 27 
Grange Upper Newry detached townland, 30km NNW of Newry town; 64 acres: in Co Armagh in 1999; click here to see its location on a townland map
Down the income from the produce of this townland went to the Widows Fund in 1836; Moore family here in 1848 V17 p 48 OSM; MID p 57; LM 1985 p52
Donaghadee 21: 57/73 a townland near Carrowdore Castle, 7km S of Donaghadee; 558 acres: click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' townland of the grange'; granted by King Charles 1st to Hugh, Viscount Montgomerie c. 1623; contains a spring impregnated with iron; large extent of bog; in 1659 there were 2 English/Scots & 0 Catholic families here; owned by Hugh Montgomery in 1863; head & horns of Irish elf found here 25 Nov 1882 V17 p 123, 124 & V7 p 45 OSM;SP; NC ; GV; PNNI V2 p 191

Grangecam Grangeicam Grangicam

Down a townland 3km SSE of Downpatrick; 375 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map ; owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased to Patrick Russell; bought by James Cumine c. 1720 from Southwell Estate; owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford & Miss Cumming in 1836; there were 41 houses; 29 families employed in agriculture & 4 in trade; 92 males & 106 females; 4 manufacturers; 1 professional & 3 servants ; incendiarism 23 Mar 1850 old b/w map N 14; LM 1985 p3, 53; LR 2003 p 44; LM 1991 p25; V17 p 53, 54 ,55 OSM; DR
Grange Lodge Bright 21: 51/40 farm in Grangewalls townland, 3km NW of Killough
Grange Oughter Ballyphilip
. ancient name for Witter Parish Church in 1623
O'L V1 p 390; PNNI V2 p 121
Grange-owly Newry . alternate name for Ouley townland on Subsidy Roll of 1663
PNNI V1 p 33
Grange Park Down 21: 44/46 farm, in Woodgrange townland
Grangerow Inishargy . ancient name for Rowreagh townland O'L V1 p 426
Grange Walls Bright 21: 51/40 a townland 3km NW of Killough; 527 acres: click here to see its location on a townland map; site of an ancient ecclesiastical structure & graveyard; owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased by Col. Vere Essex Cromwell; one of the 10 Towns of Lecale owned by Hugh Rainey in 1710; proprietor heirs of Lord De Ros & Colonel Ward in 1836 ; residence of Moore family in 1886 V17 p 34, 35 OSM ; LM 1985 p52; MID p 70; O'L V1 p 146; O'L v1 p 308; LM 1988 p38 -43
Grangewalls House Bright 21: 50/40 farm, 4km SE of Downpatrick
Granley Down . farm; 3km SW of Downpatrick near Magheralggan Bridge old b/w map N13


Bangor 15:54/77  a townland 4km SE of Bangor 1418 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' townland of the grange'; in 1659 there were 13 English/Scots & 9 Catholic families here; 550 acres of bog; school in 1836 V17 p124, 125 & V7 p 19, 20, 45 OSM; PNNI V2 p 163


Comber 21: 42/69 a townland 4km W of Comber; 673 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; 2 flax mills, 2 corn mills, & Covenanters Presbyterian meeting house here in 1836 ; school established in 1823; proprietor was Lord Garvagh & his agent Mr Thompson of Belfast in 1837;good land; old leases 15 shillings a quarter new leases 27 shillings in 1836;106 males, 107 females in 1837
V7 p 30, 31 ,34,3, 42 OSM ; GIC
Gransha River Comber . runs across the parish from west to east and is known as the Gransha river at its upper part; also known as the Enler River & the Comber River V7 p 30 OSM
Granshagh Donaghadee . alternate name for Grangee townland in 1659 census PNNI V2 p 191
Gransha Dromara 20: 25/46 a townland 4km SW of Dromara;1293 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' granary'; mill & school here in 1836; I have indexed the people who leased land in this townland from the Trevor family 1607 -1900 throughout the Surnames Index; proprietor was Lord Dungannon in 1836; mother & 3 daughters killed in roof collapse during Big Wind of 12 Jan 1839; murder by William Hanna of Gransha 17 Oct 1857; mill leased by John Smith in 1866 V12 p 63 ,64, 65 OSM; DR; TEP; PRONI D/778 & D/1954; DR 7/2/1939*
Gransha Fort Dromara 20: 25/47 ancient rath; 5km SW of Dromara in foothills of Dromara Hills; 695 feet
21: 59/60 a townland beside Strangford Lough, 3km S of Kircubbin; 494 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' a grange or church granary'; granted by King Charles 1st to Hugh, Viscount Montgomerie c. 1623; site of an ancient church near Blackstaff River; in 1659 there were 11 English/Scots & 2 Catholic families here
O'L V1 p 425; V17 p123 OSM;SP; PNNI V2 p 90
Gransha Point Inishargy 21: 58/59 long thin finger of land out into Strangford Lough from Gransha townland
Gransha Newry 29: 15/35 a townland 7km WNW of Rathfriland; 588 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means ' the granary'; originally owned by church of St. Mary & St. Patrick but granted to Nicholas Bagnall in 1552 ; flax mill & school here in 1836 ; proprietor Lord Kilmorey in 1836; rents were 35-40 shillings an acre; good quality land V3 p 78, 82, 110 OSM; PNNI V1 p 27, 28
Granshaw Bangor see Gransha .
Grantstown Kilmore . a cluster of houses in Broclough townland mentioned on Jennings gravestone in old Loughinisland graveyard MIs
Grasmere Villa Holywood . in Holywood Rd, Strandtown; residence of Mrs Herron in 1902
Grass Island Ardkeen . alternate name for Inishanier Island in 1617 PNNI V2 p 20
Grassyards Down farm; 1km SW of Downpatrick 11 Feb 1837; residence of Patrick Murray in 1826 DR; old b/w map O 14; MIs
Gray Abbey Greyabbey . alternate spelling for Greyabbey .
Grayabbey House Greyabbey . alternate name for Rosemount PNNI V2 p 209
Gray's Hill Bangor . in Bangor town near Catherine Place & the coast; mentioned in 1837; discovery of human remains 13 Oct 1877 GV; OS map 1902 2.05; DR p3
Graypoint Bangor . see under Greypoint .
Inch  . a house cluster near Finnebrogue Lough; residence Gray family in 1860 & James McClurg in 1876 MID p 88; old b/w map O 13; LR 2010 p76; PR
Great Carn Kilcoo 29: 35/28 near the top of Slieve Donard, part of the Mournes, 4km SW of Newcastle
Greatfield House Kilkeel . farm; 4km SW of Kilkeel town
old b/w map B16
Great Island Kilkeel . alternate name for Block House Island in 1568 & 1744
PNNI V3 p 56
Great Minnis’s Island Ardkeen 21: 55/60 in Strangford Lough, 4km W of Gransha townland; 3 acres
Great Northern Hotel Kilbroney /Warrenpoint . the manager inn 1910 was G.B. Morgan; taken over by Catholic Church and used as a boarding school in 1923 then became St. Joseph's Home for Old Men in 1938;photo available
POD; DDPP p22, 93
Green (The) Down 'Lands in fee' in demesne of Down 21 Sep 1867 DR
Green (The) Kilkeel 29: 31/16 farm, 2km N of Kilkeel town; residence of James Walmsey in 1863 ; owned by James Walmsley in 1876 with 25 acres; residence of Henry Walmsley in 1904
Greenan Aghaderg 20: 10/42 a townland 1km S of Loughbrickland; 195 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' eminent place'; ancient stones here ; the tenant was Patrick O' Mulstey (McStay) in 1609; proprietor James Little, tenant James Mullan, who has one mill & John McClelland, 3 mills here in 1836 V12 p 2, 6, 12 OSM
Greenan House Aghaderg . farm; the proprietor in 1795 was Archibald Hawthorne; residence of Andrew & James Thompson in 1910 UJA;POD
Greenan Dromore 20: 16/52 a townland 4km W of Dromore;515 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' eminent place'; stronghold of Magennis caln; contains Dumb Fort & Phil's Fort, an ancient cairns and Goose Island in River Lagan
PNNNI V6 p 129 
Greenan Hill Dromore 20: 17/53 3km W of Dromore
Greenan House Dromore 20: 16/52 farm; 4km SW of Dromore
Greenan Newry 29: 11/23 E of inland road from Newry to Warrenpoint; 838 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means 'eminent /sunny place'; owned by Newry Abbey in 1157; small old graveyard called Clonlea here, Mass held here during Penal times c. 1750; originally owned by Nicholas Bagnall in 1575
GIC ;DDPP p2,3,12; PNNI V1 p 28
Greenan / Grinan Lodge Newry . farm; 1km S of Newry; the proprietor in 1795 was Mr. Skelton; residence of Robert G. Wallace in 1822 & 1824
old b/w map B10; UJA; CSO; PR
Greenan Wood Newry 29: 11/23 on Greenan Lough, 4km SSE of Newry
Greenbank Bangor . villas in Tennyson Ave, Bangor; residence of Mrs Adair & P.H. Charley & Samuel Kennedy in 1902
Greenbrook Saintfield . farm; 4km NE of Ballynahinch; the proprietor in 1795 was Andrew Kirkpatrick; residence of Andrew Kirkpatrick in 1837
old b/w map o 10; UJA;MIs
Green Castle Kilkeel 29: 25/12 a castle and a townland of 626 acres; overlooks the entrance to Carlingford Lough,5km SW of Kilkeel; click here to see its position on a map; in 1659 there were 10 Irish families living here & the owner was Patrick Modder O'Howen Esq.; summer fair & lime quarry here in 1836 ; ruins of Green Castle here ; temporary fever hos[ital built here during The Famine c. 1846 SP; V 3 p 30, 37, 52, 53 OSM:HMNI p101; IPP p 111; PNNI V3 p 9, 42; JMLSG 2010 p17,60
Greencastle Point Kilkeel 29: 23/12 near Greencastle townland, sticking out into Carlingford Lough
Greenfield House Drumballyroney . farm; 2km NW of Ballyroney; residence of Alexander Heron in 1886
old b/w map G9; POD
Greenfield Cottage
house & garden in Ballygrainey townland; leased by David Aird in 1863 from Hugh Kennedy Greenfield
Greenfield Kilkeel 29: 30/16 farm & flax mill , near Clover Hill, 2km N of Kilkeel town; residence of Andrew McNight / McKnight Esq. in 1826 & 1829 & Rev. Henry Hayden then Mrs Haydon in 1856, 1863
Greenfield Donaghcloney . farm; 4km NE of Banbridge; residence of Samuel Sims in 1768 & Major Andrew Hamilton in 1822 old b/w map H6; IIW V4 p139;MIs
Green field Drumgath . near Rathfriuland; the proprietor in 1795 was Rev. W. Fletcher UJA
Greenfield Newry . residence of Thomas L. Hamilton in 1832 & Rev. R. Lindsay 29 Jun 1872 IIW # 29215 ; DR
Green Gate Kilkeel . farm; 2km W of Kilkeel town old b/w map D16
Greengraves Newtownards 21: 46/74 a townland 3km W of Newtownards;727 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; its old Irish name means ' townland of the dolmen' because of the ancient kemp stones, one metre tall; 2 uprights & one capstone of 3 metres; an ancient warrior's grave; Greengraves could be a corruption of the Irish name Grainne, after the legend of Dermot & Grainne's bed (grave); National School here in 1863; article re scutch mills 8 Jul 1876; b/w aerial photo c. 1970 available V17 p 121 OSM: DR; PNNI V2 p 215 ,231; TMUOP p232; GV;NDM p3
Green Harbour Kilkeel 29: 38/25 in the Irish Sea, 5km N of Annalong
SSM pxi map .
Greenhill Annahilt 20: 29/56 farm; very close to Annahilt village south  .
Green Hill House Seapatrick 20: 12/49 farm;4km N of Banbridge; the proprietor in 1795 was Nicolas Magin
Green Island Ballyhalbert 21: 66/59 2 acres, large rocky outcrop; 1km S of Portavogie;the island is connected with the mainland at low tide; its highest point is 29 feet above low tide;leased by Adam Reid in 1863 from Anne Boyd
V7 p 1, 6 OSM ; GV; PNNI V2 p 112
Green Island Kilkeel 29: 24/11 island at the entrance to Carlingford Lough;leased by Hugh McElroy in 1863 from Kilmorey Estate; assault on Edward Herbet here 7 Jul 1866
DR* ;GV; PNNI V3 p 59
Green Island /Rock Killinchy 7 acres; in Strangford Lough; click here to see its location on a townland map
V7 p 86 OSM  
Green Island Kilmegan 21: 41/37 in Inner Dundrum Bay, 1 km NNE of Dundrum village
Green Island Saul 21: 53/51 in Strangford Lough, 5km WNW of Strangford town; 12 acres: owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford & Lord Bangor in 1836; mostly clay soil V17 p 114 OSM
Green Island Newry 29: 10/22 in Newry river, 5km SE of Newry V3 p 61, 87 OSM
Green Island Witter . off the western shore of Ballyquinton
DS 1998 p58
Green Knoll Ballywalter 21: 63/69 rocky head in Ballywalter town
PNNI V2 p 73
Greenmount Hillsborough 20: 26/27 farm; in Edenticullo townland
Greenmount House
. house & 3 acres in Ballygrainey townland; residence of J.B. Gunning c. 1843; leased by George Kyle in 1863 from James Gunning
Greenmount Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle; residence of Mrs. Pim in 1905 & Col. Stewart in 1910
WDG p204; POD
Greenock see Greenoge
Greenoge Dromore 20: 19/56 a townland 3km N of Dromore; 376 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'eminent place'; stronghold of Magennis clan; murder here of his child by a Downpatrick man 26 Sep 1874 PNNI V6 p 129; DR
Greenoge Holywood . in Holywood Rd, Strandtown; residence of Jonathan Wilkinson in 1902
Green Park Kilbroney . house & farm of 30 acres in Ballymoney townland ; 1km NNW of Rostrevor; the proprietor in 1795 was Francis Carleton; residence of Moore Gwyne in 1814 & Francis Carleton Esq. in 1828 then his wife Dorcas Carleton c. 1830 & Lady Belfour in 1846 ; leased by Mary C. A Maude in 1863 from estate of William S.O'Brien
UJA;LSRM;; V7 p 27 OSM; old b/w map A12; IIW V4 p22 ; MIs; POD; GV
Green Park Bridge Kilbroney 29: 17/19 over The Ghann river 1km NNW of Rostrevor .. 
Green Row Ballyculter . a row of six 2 storey cottages in Audleystown built before 1830s; photo available Inv 2011 p21
Greenstown Ballyculter . a house cluster residence of John Green in 1776 MIs
Green Vale Kilmegan large house built early 1800s with Georgian glazed windows & a unique staircase; halfway down the hill from Castlewellan to Annsborough; residence of Mr James Steele; bleach mill in 1836 & 1846; house & bleach green bought by Murlands in 1850 ; now used as a care home ; photo available MO 23/1/2008 p 4; V3 p 58 OSM; POD; LM 1997 p6,7,8,10
Greenvale Kilmore . near Crossgar; residence of David Cleland in 1886 POD
Greenville Drumgooland 20: 24/41 house ;near Closkelt village; formerly known as Roseville but renamed in 1893 after Matthew Macauley's wife, Margaret Green in 1893; email me for a photo
ORHB p 48,49
Greenville Holywood . house & farm of 28 acres in Ballyhackamore townland; the proprietor in 1795 was John H. Houston; residence of John H. Houston Esq. in 1817; leased by Nicholas Crommelin in 1863 from John S. Ferguson
Greenville Knockbreda . Bloomfield area ; residence of James Rainey in 1817 & William Davis in 1852 & Robert Wilson Russell in 1857
IIW; POD; IIW # 58165
Greenwood Blaris in Lisburn; residence of James Rutherford Boyd in 1893& 1898 MIs; BWN
Greenwood Loughinisland 3km SW of Downpatrick; the proprietor in 1795 was John Scott; country residence to be let 10 Aug 1844 UJA; DR; old b/w map M13
Greenwood Park
Grenwood Park
Newry . a short distance from Newry; the proprietor in 1795 was Ross Thompson; residence of William Smith in 1809 & William Guy in 1810 & Mr & Mrs Ross Thompson c. 1860 ; owned by Anne Hall in 1876 with 45 acres & Margaret Thompson with 75 acres; residence of Mrs Margaret Thompson in 1881
PR; UJA;MMS p 32; POD; LOI; OFN p 46
Greenwood Saintfield . farm; 3km SW of Saintfield town
old b/w map O9
Greer House Kilmegan . in Clarmont Ave, Castlewellan; residence of David Greer c. 1870
Greerans Close Drumgooland 20; 25/41 2km N of Moneyslane
Greers Lough Saintfield 20: 38/55 near Ballymacaramary townland; click here to see its location on a map; a small lake with trout, pike & eels in it in 1837;
V7 p 117 ,119 OSM  
Greeve House Newry . farm; 2km NE of Newry town on Rathfriland road old b/w map B9
Gregorlough Magheralin 20: 16/56 a townland 4km SE of Magheralin; 246 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; highest point in parish, east corner; means ' place of tree stumps'; held by Sir Art Magennis in 1609; a proprietor in 1795 was George Simpson UJA;V12 p 109 OSM; PNNI V6 p 241
Gregory's Planting Loughinisland . near Seaforde Estate; named for John Gregory, bailiff 1871 Lm 1986 p17
Gregory Lough Kilmegan . 2km SE of Ballyward old b/w map H11
Gregstown Newtownards 21: 50/73 a townland 1km SE of Newtownards; 129 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; granted to Rev. John Greg, Presbyterian minister, by Viscount Montgomery c. 1650; there was a flood gate placed in this townland in 1811 at the expense of Marquis of Londonderry and 200 acres of land were saved; the proprietor in 1836 was Lord Londonderry; not an old townland; public works program instigated for famine relief, road upgarde from Lockhouse to Ballyewry 27 May 1848 NAHN p68; V17 p 124 & V7 p 104, 111 OSM; PNNI V2 p 230; FCD S2 p 8
Grelagh Drumballyroney . spelling for Grallaghgreenan townland in Subsidy Roll of 1663 PNNI V6 p 164
Greneoge Dromore . old spelling for Greenoge on Rent Roll of 1692 PNNI V6 p 129
Grenocke Ballyphilip . ancient spelling for Granagh townland O'L V1 p 403
Grey Abbey Grey Abbey 21: 57/68 a parish & a village & a townland of 208 acres; also the name of an ancient abbey; on the shore of Strangford Lough click here for a photo and more information; click here to see its location on a townland map; .
Grey Abbey House Greyabbey . house & farm of 265 acres ;also known as Rosemount ;owned by Hugh Montgomeryin 1863; residence of Major General Montgomery in 1910
Greyhound Bar Tullylish . in Dunbarton St, Gilford; proprietor in 1910 was J. Kennedy
Grey Point Bangor 15:45/84 SE side of Belfast Lough; 2km NW of Crawfordsburn; sloop 'Jean' lifted off the rocks 26 Jan 1793
V7 p 22 OSM : BM; NS; PNNI V2 p 173
Grey Stone Ballywalter 21: 62/72 between Ballyferis & Ganaway townlands near the shore  .
Greystown Inch 21: 48/48 house & farm of 58 acres in Ballynacraig townland; near Finnebrogue Lough, 4km N of Downpatrick ; also spelt Graystown; leased by Hugh Gilchrist in 1863 from John W. Maxwell
GV ; LR 2010 p76
Gribbens Hill Dromore 20: 19/56 farm; 3km N of Dromore
Grinen Newry . see under Greenan .
Groomsport Bangor
a townland 136 acres & a town;3km NE of Bangor; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' port of the gloomy attendant';click here for a photo and more information .
Groomsport House Bangor . house & farm of 134 acres; residence of R. Percival Maxwell in 1852; leased by Robert P. Maxwell in 1863 from John W.Maxwell; marriage of Miss Harriet Maxwell of Groomsport House 1 Jul 1871; the Perceval-Maxwell family from Finnebrogue, Inch, also owned Groomsport House; owned by Isabella Maxwell with 20 acres in 1876; residence of the Misses Perceval- Maxwell in 1910 POD;GV; LOI;DR
Grove Comber . in Ballykeel townland; residence of John Orr in 1822 Registry of Deeds, Dublin Vol 776 p368
Grove (The) Down just behind the Cathedral in Downpatrick in English Street ; John Wesley preached here in Jun 1778; open air meetings of Kilmore YMCA at Downpatrick 17 Sep 1859; photo available LM 2002 p 55,56; DR; LM 1992 p46
Grove (The) Dromara . farm; 4km SW of Dromara town
old b/w map I 8
Grove (The) Dromore . residence of Robert Martin in 1910
Grove Drumbeg or Drumbo 20: 31/60 farm; just off the Ballynahinch to Lisburn road
Grove Killaney . farm; 1km W of Boardmills
old b/w map N7
Grove (The) Kilkeel 29: 35/20 farm, 2km W of Annalong; residence of John Sloane in 1858
Grove (The) Kilmore . in Ballydyan; residence of Thomas Scott c. 1800
Grove (The) Tullylish . in Loughans townland; residence of John Birch in 1773; also known as Birch Grove
IIW V4 p11; OFB p124
Grove Cottage Greyabbey . old house & farm of 58 acres in Ballyboley townland; home of Mrs. Sarah Byers & her sons, Alick & William; meetings of United Irishmen held here 1798; leased by Robert Byers in 1863 from Lord Dufferin & Claneboye; bought by James Hamilton after 1911
old b/w map W12; BGHD p 101 ; GV ; Roy Irwin
Grove Cottage Dromore 20: 23/54 farm; 4km NE of Dromore
Grove Cottage Knockbreda 20: 37/70 farm; in Lisnabreeny townland; 2km SSE of Newtownbreda
Grovefield Knockbreda . small farm; 1 km SE of Ballymacarret in Mount Street; the proprietor in 1795 was Robert Telfair; residence of Andrew Clarke in 1852; now a school
UJA; V7 p98 OSM; POD; OS map 1902 4.11
Grove Green Blaris . Lisburn; site of John Wightman's cotton works 28 May 1795
Grove Hall Magheralin . farm; 2km NW of Magherlin village
old b/w map I 2
Grove Hill Bangor . hill in Ballyholme townland ; site of 2 brickworks
OS map 1901 2.06
Grove Hill Cottage Bangor . in Donaghadee Rd, Bangor; leased to Seaside Home for Working Girls in 1880
NC* 17/8/1893
Grove Hill Dromore 20: 22/56 farm; 3km NNE of Dromore; residence of Martin family in 1893 & James Hamilton in 1910
Irish Gleanings; POD
Grove Hill Hillsborough 20: 27/56 farm; 4km SE of Hillsborough in Tullynore townland ; residence of John Spratt
Grove Hill Inch 21:46/46 house & farm of 120 acres , near Annacloy river in Annacloy townland ; 3km NW of Downpatrick; residence of William Perry in 1831; leased by William Perry in 1863 from David S. Ker; residence of Joseph Perry in 1892 & Mrs. Perry in 1895
IIW #33371; GV; HFPMSC p92; LM 1995 p75
Grovehill Magheradrool . farm; 1km SE of Spa
old b/w map M11
Grove Hill Moira . farm; 4km SE of Moira town; residence of James Hammond in 1910
old b/w map J3; POD
Grove House Blaris . Hill St, Lisburn; residence of Joseph McComiskey , designer in 1881 & Mrs Mary Ann McComiskey in 1912
Grove View Drumbo 20: 34/61 farm; in Ballycarngannon townland
Grove View Hillsborough 20: 29/59 farm; near Cabragh townland, 4km E of Hillsborough
Grow Lodge Drumballyroney . farm; 4km NW of Rathfriland old b/w map D9
Growell Dromore 20: 27/54 a townland 8km E of Dromore town; 467 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'gravel'; high ground;1km W of Lough Aghery; a proprietor in 1795 was Andrew Cowan UJA;V12 p 70, 73 OSM
Gruggandoo Clonduff 29: 20/25 mountain, part of the W Mournes, 4km S of Hilltown; means ' black ridge'
PNNI V3 p 140 
Grugganskeagh Clonduff 29: 19/26 mountain, part of the W Mournes, 4km S of Hilltown; means ' hump of the thorn bushes'
PNNI V3 p 141 .
Grullagh Drumballyroney . spelling for Grallaghgreenan townland in 1659 census
PNNI V6 p 164
Grynan Newry . altermnate spelling for Greenan townland in will 1814
IIW V4 p 166
Guard House Annaclone 20: 16/41 2km W of Annaclone village; opposite the Drilling Field & Sentry Box used by 17th century Protetant militants called Annaclone Volunteers
PNNI V6 p 78
Guilford Tullylish. . alternate spelling for Gilford town on Rent Roll of1692 PNNI V6 p 350
Guillhall Dromore . resident of C. Brushe esq. in 1849 THTMB p35

Dromara or Magherahamlet

20: 34/44 a townland 6km SE of Dromara; 860 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' townland of the sand'; Dunmore mountain nearby ; owned by Lord Moira in 1782 (482 acres of arable land, 44 acres of turf bog ) ; a proprietor in 1795 was Andrew Blain UJA; V12 p 65 OSM; HMP; EMLR
Guineways Kilkeel  . a townland 8km NW of Kilkeel town; 65 acres; click here to see its position on a map; means ' sandy place'
PNNI V3 p 45.
Guineways Upper Kilkeel a townland 9km NW of Kilkeel town; 31 acres; click here to see its position on a map  .
Gulf Rocks Inishargy 21: 64/67 off the coast near Ballyobegan  .
Gulladuff Bangor 15:44/81 farm; 2km W of Crawfordsburn ..
Gull Rock Grey Abbey 21: 53/68 rock in Strangford Lough, 3km W of Pattersons Hill  .
Gull Rock Killinchy caora.com
Gull Rock Tullynakill 21: 54/64 1 acre; E of Mahee Island in Strangford Lough leased by Hamilton Patton in 1863 from Samuel Murland
Gullys Hill Head Aghaderg . farm; 3km SE of Loughbrickland old b/w map E7
Gun’s Island Dunsford 21: 59/41 just off the coast at Ballyhornan; Norse meaning for 'gunner' is battle; in 1836 there was a coast guard station on Gun's Island which sent tidal and wind information to the main station at Ballyhornan; Mr Tippett was in charge then ; lead mine 26 Apr 1845; a story about smugglers in 1800; email me for an old photo; V17 pages 71, 72 OSM : DR; LWAG p 46; Inv 2003 p51; LR 2005 p25; LM 1988 p24
Gurtingmony Moira . alternate spelling for Gortnamony townland in 1659 census PNNI v6 p 287