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Ardglass- St. Nicholas' Primary School (Girls) c. 1925 Aughlisnafin Primary School c. 1927 Ballygally/Scaddy National School 1937 Ballynahinch- Assumption Grammar School , 1934
Ballynahinch- St. Patrick's Boys School Ballyphilip National School, Portaferry c. 1900 Ballyrogan National School, Newtownards parish c. 1887 .
Ballytrim National School, Killyleagh 1931   Ballyvicknakelly Primary School, Dromore c. 1933 Bann School, Lawrencetown
Bonecastle National School Burren Primary School, Dromara 1956-57 Cabra National School near Rathfriland c. 1890 Carricknaveagh School, Killaney 1933/34
Clanvaraghan Camogie Girls 1930 Castlewellan St.Malachy's Elementary School 1926 Clandeboye National School , Bangor c. 1890 Crossnacreevy National School (called O'Neill Memorial School)
Dechomet Primary School 1964 Derryboy National School Cookery Class 1920 . .
Downpatrick- St. Michael's Orphanage Girls 1878 Downpatrick St. Patrick's Catholic Primary 1930 Downpatrick St. Patrick's Boys High School 1937 Drumaness School in 1939
Dunsford National School Dundrum Elementary School 1922 Finnis Primary School c. 1927 & 1931 & 1948 .
Killinchy Infants & Primaty classes 1936 & 1938 & 1939 & 1940 Killinchy Woods National School 1895 Killyleagh Primary School 1949/1950 a Knockbreda Elementary School
Loughbrickland School 1900 Lurganville National School - Moira 1911 & 1913 Movilla National School 1940s Movilla National School 1945
Portaferry Primary 1947-1950 & 1952-1953 Portaferry, St Mary's Girls 1951 Raleagh Primary School 1908 Saul school - Catholic
Skeogh National School, Dromore 1925;1931;1940s Teconnaught 1925 & 1935 Tullymacarette Primary School, Dromore 1936 Tullyree Primary School, Kilcoo 1927

St. Nicholas' Primary School (Girls) , Ardglass c. 1925

Back Row L-R: - Madge Irvine, Gladys Kinney, Nellie McMahon, Sarah McEvoy, Mamie Savage, Winnie Rice, Jennie Maguire, Kathleen McConvey, Jean Mulheron, Annie Hannah

3rd Row :- Chrissie Watters, Phil Wallace, Maureen Smith, Margaret McMahon, Nellie Fitzsimons, Maureen McConvey, Margaret Kinney, Sarah Fitzsimons, Mary Ellen Milligan, Kathleen Milligan, Rosaleen McEvoy, Kitty Cross, Elizabeth Mulhall, Alice Maguire

2nd Row :- Rosie Ross, Patsy Morgan, Kathleen Mulhall, Rose Fitzsimons, Mary Fee, Bella Cross, Julia Rice, Maggie Sharvin, Bernadette Maguire, Kathleen Smith, Lizzie Smith, Maisie Branniff, Jeannie Mulhall

Front Row :- Kathleen Ross, May Moran, Annie Fitzsimons, Sorella Feenan, Elizabeth Fitzsimons, Kitty Fee, Letitia Milligan, Renee Smith, Bernadette Irvine, Jeannie Watters, Chrissie Irvine, Elizabeth Milligan, Maureen Kinney, Frances McConvey

Names supplied by Kathleen (Milligan) Ewins ca. 2000

This photo was kindly sent by Robert Ewins  

Aughlisnafin Primary School c. 1927

This photo was kindly sent by Brian Lennon whose mother Bridie McGeown ( 2nd front row) helped him transposed the names of the children onto the right photo.

Ballygally/Scaddy National School in Inch Parish c. 1937

This photo was kindly sent by Mark Donald. It shows his mother-in-law, Isobel Lennon . Does anyone know any other names?



Ballynahinch - Assumption Grammar School, Girls 1934

Assumption Grammar School, Ballynahinch, the only Assumption school in Ireland, was founded in 1933 by Mother Baptist McKenny with 20 boarders. The school prospered and in 1936 was approved by the Ministry of Education. Over the years the school has grown in reputation. Success gained by pupils not only in examinations but also in literary and scientific competitions as well as in public speaking, sport and the arts are regular features of its life.

As in all Assumption schools, the pupils in Ballynahinch wear the Assumption Crest on their uniform. The cross on the crest is a symbol of the love of God, which is above everything and holding everything together. The anchor is a symbol of stead fastness, hope and security. The Southern Cross which links our school to its origins in the southern hemisphere (South Africa) , is a symbol of God's guidance and direction in ourlives.

This photo was kindly sent by Calum O'Hare whose mother Veronica (Ronnie) McAlister (Mrs. O'Hare) is in the back row. Also his aunt Eileen O'Hare & cousin Tessie McKay & Anna McKenna and Una Drayne.


St Patrick's Catholic Boys School, Main St, Ballynahinch

Classes were held in a loft in the Catholic church in 1827 until Father Peter Polin built a school in Railway Street in 1864. It was under the National School system by 1849. There were 10 boys & 5 girls who paid 4 pence per student (HMP) . The brick wall shown was part of Paddy McCauley's house . The senior's teacher at the time was Joe Mulholland who had followed Paddy Flynn from Drumaness. Mrs. Hart taught the juniors.

These lovely old photos were kindly sent by Daphne Morgan.

This photo c. 1947 shows Dessie Crossan somewhere.

Back row; L-R ;------; Hugh Francis McAllister;--------; Hugh Smith; -------6th place with glasses is Ivan Hanna;----

3rd row from bottom L-R; Vincent Hanniweb; in 4th spot is Eddie Miskelly; in 6th spot is Patsy Carville; in 10th spot is Hugh O'Kane; near crease Tommy Morgan & Arthur Morgan & his cousin Terry Morgan next to him & end of row ... Foley & Paddy Hart.

2nd front row ; Arthur Morgan & Michael Foley & Terence Welsh; 4th from the left .... Sweeney; in 8th spot Desi Walsh ;

Front row L-R; Jim Welsh;----; Hart; ---- John Galway; Benny Marner; at the end is Brandan Foley

Names kindly supplied by Jimmy Hanvey. Any other names please?

Daphne also sent this class photo from 1953/4. Brian Linden has kindly supplied the names. The principal was Joe Mulholland at that time.


Back row L-R: Patsy McGreevy, Hugh Francis McAllister, Davy Smith, Hugo Smith, Terry Rice, Hugh Savage, Peter McCarthy

Third Row L-R: John Ralph, Vincent Hannawin, Eddie Miskelly, Jim O'Rourke, Brian Linden. Patsy Carville, Dan Linden, Eamonn McKay, Pat Davy, Hugh O'Kane, Gerald Noade.

Second row L-R; Kneeling Gabriel Davy, Michael Foley, Terry Walshe, Frankie McAllister, Brendan McAllister, Danny Sweeney, Pat McGivern, Hugh Moore, Ronnie McKelvey, kneeling Francis Marner

Front row L-R; Jim Walsh, Dermot McKay, Seamus McGlew, John Galway, Benny Marner, Brendan Foley.

Others missing include John Lynn, Sam Taylor, Ronnie Dunwoody and Brian Madine.


Ballyphilip National School, Portaferry

Although the date here is 1910 Alison Denvir (who kindly ent this photp) suspects it was just a little earlier than that. She'd guess 1900 as her great great aunt Lily Mc Cormick is in the back row and her birth date was 1891, she looks about 9 years old here.








Newspaper & magazine articles; school for boys and girls built in 1853 (photo available JUAHS 2012 p16); National School; article 2 Aug 1856 DR; alterations 9 Jul 1881 DR


Ballyrogan National School
in Newtownards Parish c. 1887

Ballyrogan NS

This National School was in Ballyrogan by 1836 but I don't know when it started. The records are on PRONI film #1701995 Ref #559


Maree Devitt kindly sent this photo as it contains her grandfatheer, Robert Moore of Craigantlet who attended 1887-1895 and his younger brother William John Alexander Moore born 23 Jul 1878 & who died 12 Mar 1890 aged TB. Maree doesn't know where they are in the photo.

Also somewhere in the photo are John Moore b. 13 Feb 1875 (at the school 3 May 1880 aged 5- 24 Dec 1887)

& James Moore b. 8 Oct 1876 (at the school 13 Sep 1880 aged 3 1/2- 11 Jun 1892)
& Alexander Moore b. 12 Dec 1879 (at the school 2 Jun 1884- 23 Sep 1893)
& William Moore b. 7 May 1882 (at the school 11 Oct 1886- 15 Feb 1896)
& William Moore b. 29 May 1888 (at the school 29 May 1893- 8 Nov 1902)


Any one know any other names or have any information on this school?



Ballytrim National School , Killyleagh parish c. 1931

This lovely old school photo was kindly sent by Irene Watson. It was originally published in the Down Recorder.  

Ballyvicknakelly Primary School, Dromore c. 1932

This photo was kindly sent by Jim Dickson. it shows his father James Dickson born in 1920.

Any other names please?


The Bann School in Lawrencetown , Tullylish parish in 1932

This school started in 1832 in a small cottage near the Catholic chapel. It's income of £8 per year was from the National Board with £12 a year contributed from the pupils. It taught intellectual & moral education using the Authorised Version of the Scriptures & was visited by Rev. Edmund McGinness, parish priest. In 1836 , there were 76 males & 45 females with 27 Presbyterians & 94 Catholics. The master was Terence O'Reilly, a Catholic . The head master in 1910 was Francis Armstrong with headmistress Mrs. Armstrong & assistant teacher Miss Fealy.

Back Row
Robert McEvoy, Stanley Geddis, Brian Murphy, Vincent Conlon, Sheumas McKey, John Conlon, Greg McCartan, Dan Murphy, Joe Teggart, Jim Maguire
Middle Row
Joseph McStay, Stephen Toman, Donald Crangle, John J Monaghan, Thomas Cloughley, Dom Geoghegan, Robert Teggart, Benedict Duffy, Patsy Feeney, Charles Monaghan, Eddie McStay.
Third Row
Joseph (Josie) Monaghan, John T McCaffrey, Willie (Billy) Crangle, Anthony (Tony) McCaffrey, Jack McGarry, Pat Montague, Anthony Magee, Joe Quinn, Con Murphy, Jim Conlon,Joe Thompson, Hugh Coulter.
Bottom Row
Arthur (Arty) Feeney, Sammy Kerr, Jack Geddis, Gabriel Conlon, Thomas (Tommy) Curran, Eddie (Sonny) Geoghegan, Arthur Crothers, Maynard Hudson, Desmond (Dessie) McAleenan, Jim McGarry.

This photo was kindly sent by Kay Cairns whose McCaffrey family are in this photo References; POD; records in PRONI film #1736304 Ref #1278

Bonecastle National School in Down parish in 1913

The teacher in 1930s was Miss Sis O'Driscoll. The headmistress before 1918 was Miss Maria O'Mara then 1918- 1958 was Miss Margaret Kilroy then Mr. Joe Smyth (1957-1967), Mrs. Margaret Hynds (1967-1971) & Mrs. Mary Press until the school closed in 1975 (DR 23/6/2010)

Newspaper Articles from Down Recorder;
prize for neatness 16 Jul 1864 DR; excursion 3 Sep 1881 DR;

school records available 1840-43; records in PRONI film #1701995 Ref #538


The photo shows Front Row 4 Susan McCartan & Teacher Miss Maria O'Mara

This photo was kindly sent by Tom O'Hare References; Inv 2013 p 61; DR; PRONI

Burren Primary School, Dromara 1956-57

This lovely old photo was kindly sent by Jessie Taylor.


Back Row; Anne Woods, Jim Hasley, Susan Scott, Mary Patterson, Claire Irvine, Margaret Patterson

Front Row ; Brian Murphy, Elizabeth Scott, Jessie Woods, Jackie Rodgers, James Rodgers, John Gardner.

Female pupils with same surnames are sisters and the males with same surnames are brothers.


  records in PRONI film #1736304 Ref #1169


Cabra National School near Rathfriland c. 1890

Cabra National School 1890s

From the left- back row:
Bridget Travers, Lizzie McGinn, Annie Savage, Lizzie Doherty, Annie Gorman, Francey Ward, James Travers, John Gallagher, James Fitzpatrick,

Second Row;
Kate McEvoy, Maggie Travers, Rose Gallagher, Rose Gorman, Mary McComiskey, Annie Doherty, Ellen Killen, Kitty Doherty, Tom Doran, Peter Doherty, Eddie Doherty, Hugh Travers

Third Row;
Maggie Morgan, Lizzie Doran, Minnie Morgan, Lizzie Rooney, Maggie Morgan, Annie McAlinden, Mary Rooney, Rose McNally, Mary Greenan, John McEvoy, Corny McGinnes, Charly Fitzpatrick, James McParland, Jimmy McEvoy, Master Hufy.

Front Row;
Mary Ann Travers, Biddy McEvoy, Minnie Morgan (Daniel's), Nelly McComiskey, Nellie Morgan, Kate McEvoy, Minnie Morgan, Kate McEvoy (Jemeny), Maggie McGinn, Pager Morgan, Nat/ Mat Morgan, Patrick Greenan, John Doherty. James McComiskey & Jimmy Doherty (William's).

This lovely old photo was kindly sent by Kevin Lonie
This school was built in 1854 by George Henry Gartland (son-in-law of Alexander McMullan)


Carricknaveagh School, Killaney parish 1933/34

This school is on the NW side of the road from Hillsborough to Saintfield. It was established 1811 with the ground given by Mr Todd & built by subscription. In 1836 there were 39 males & 11 females with 50 Protestants. They were taught by F. Sturgeon under the Kildare under the Kildare Place Society & the patronage of the Marquis and Marchioness of Downshire. The day school scholars were 24 males & 16 females and Sunday school scholars were 61 males & 52 females. The Sunday school teachers were 10 males & 4 females in 1836.
It became a National School in 1851 .

Records in PRONI film #1701993 Ref #92; LDS film#247460 1864- 1932

This grand old photo was kindly sent by Sandra Gilmore whose dad is in the back row , second from the right . He was Tommy Gilmore of Drumalig Road (Carricknaveagh) and was born in 1920. Gilmore family members still live in the farm and the family had connections to Killaney church.I References;; OSM ; (SHM '90 p 30)


Clandeboye National School in Bangor c. 1890

The school was built in 1858 for the children of the estate workers.

It was a National School by 1863 (GV); Mr Waterworth was princpal c. 1900 & Miss Kennedy a teacher (NDM p11)

Down Recorder article;
fete 10 Sep 1864


Click here for a photo of the schoolhouse.


Does anyone have expertise in dating old photos from the style of clothing?

This lovely old photo was kindly sent by Vernon Moore.  

Clanvaraghan Camogie Girls c. 1930 (near Castlewellan )

Anita's Granny and great aunt - Kathleen Murray and Lizzie Rafferty were on the team
This lovely old photo was kindly sent by Anita Walsh This


Crossnacreevy National School, Comber (it was called the O'Neill Memorial)

This lovely old school photo c. 1915 was kindly sent by Rev. Angus McCormick. It contains his father.

In 1836 there were 30 males; 20 females with 48 Protestants & 2 Catholics. The school was supported by contributions from the children . It was ; still there in 1863 on land leased from Marquis of Downshire (GV); records in PRONI film #1701993 Ref #24; LDS film#247426 1868-1905



Dechomet Primary School 1964



The photo was kindly sent by Colum O'Hare whose aunt Eileen Fitzpatrick (neé O’Hare) who was a teacher at Dechomet school along with her older sister Kathleen O’Hare who was the principal until 1982.

Eileen is back row left and Kathleen is back row right. The priest is either Father Petit or McConville, the local PP. My four Fitzpatrick cousins are in the photo also: John Fitzpatrick is back row, fifth from the left. His twin, Peter Fitzpatrick is 6th from left. Dominic is 8th from left. James Fitzpatrick is in the front row sixth from the right. Eamon Doyle is beside the priest, on his right.


Any other names ?


Derryboy National School Cookery Class - taken 16 Nov 1920

Derryboy is in Killyleagh parish

The principal was Mr. J. Morrow on 23 Oct 1915 (DR*). The enrolment in 2006 was 72 & threatened with closure (DR 29/3/2006)

Records are in PRONI film #1701993 Ref #30 & LDS film#247427 1863-1873


This lovely old photo was kindly sent by Ronald Carter

His grandmother, Helena Quinn, is in the front row, first on the left. Does anyone know any other names?


Downpatrick- St. Michael's Orphanage & School

This photo was taken in the cloister garden at the Convent; behind the girls are the windows of St. Joseph's Cloister . To the right is the wall of the church . The date is between 1875 & 1880; most possibly 1878.

The source of this info is Sister Mary Vianney of the Convent of Mercy in Downpatrick. If anyone has questions about St Michael’s or the old boarding school or orphanage then the person to contact is:
Sr Evelyn Kenny,
Convent of Mercy,
BT35 7AW,
N. Ireland

References; DR 20 Aug 1911; extra photo courtesy Angela Gracey


St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School & congregation 1930

This lovely old photo was kindly sent by Angela Gracey on the occasion of the Feast of Corpus Christi 1930. Her grandfather Malachy Gracey is 3rd from the right and his brother Willie John Gracey is 4th from the right.



Downpatrick - St. Patrick's Boys' High School 1937

St. Patrick's Boys' High School, Downpatrick 1937

This photo was kindly sent by Kevin Crangle


Anyone know any names?

Dundrum School in 1922

Dundrum School 1922

This lovely photo of Dundrum School children in 1922 was kindly sent to me by Sheila Phillips and her Mum (formerly Cissie Cunningham).

Front Row L to R: Tommy Graham, ?, ?, McClafferty, Bridget McClement, ?, Lilly Magee, Bridget Bannon, Bella Grant,
Hugh Cunningham, Annie Cunningham, Cissie Cunningham, John Grant.

Second Row L to R:
Willy Graham, Kathleen McClement, Anthony Burns (1915-1992, grandfather of Thomas Burns), ? Rooney, Mary Quinn, John Quinn, ? Hagan, Mary ?,
Dan Rooney, James Rooney, ?, ?, ?, Joan Crawley, John Campbell, Pat Heenan, ?.

Third Row L to R: Mrs. Savage (Teacher), ? Hagan, ? McClement, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mona Burns (older sister of Anthony Burns), William Cunningham,
Fred Crawley, Jim Doran, ?, ? MCClafferty, Pater Grant.

Fourth Row L toR ?, ?, ?, Annie Gilmore, Patsy Cunningham, ?, Joe McGrahan, Cissie Kennedy, Dan McNeal, ?, ?, ?.



Drumaness Primary Class in 1939




This photo was kindly sent by Brian Fegan (whose father is featured) & Damian Murdock.


Dunsford National School 1921

Dunsford National School 1921 BACK L-R : James McMullan, ? , Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick, Sissy Trainor, Katherine Smith, Molly O'Hanlon, ? , Nelly Green
MIDDLE BACK: Mr Casement, Brian Gilchrist, ? , Thomas Cross, ? , ? , James Crangle, Albert Sealy, Thomas Gilchrist
MIDDLE FRONT: Jean Trainor, Katherine Cross, Bernadette Gilchrist, Maria Skeffington, Elizabeth Crangle, Lucinda Crangle, Ann Crangle, ?
FRONT: Margaret Gill, Elizabeth Carolin, May Fitzimons, Patrick Carolin, John Fitzsimons, ? Fitzsimons, John Fitzsimons, Rosanna Gilchrist, Elizabeth Magee
Dunsford National School 1921 - this photo was kindly sent by Kevin Crangle  
Dunford Boys 1931 Dunsford Girls 1931

Dunsford Boys Class 1931 - this photo was kindly sent by Kevin Crangle

Back Row, third from right = Thomas John Skeffington

Dunsford Girls Class 1931 - BACK: L-R; Kathleen Braniff, Sarah Mulholland, Elizabeth Carolin, Rita Magee, Susan Burns, Jane Curran, Kathleen Gill
MIDDLE BACK: Mary Hanna, Kathleen Hanna, Margaret Gilchrist, Kathleen Fitzsimons, Margaret (Maisey) McConvey, Elizabeth Coyle, Christina Braniff, ? Gilchrist, Elizabeth Fitzsimons, May Fitzsimons
MIDDLE FRONT: Una McConvey, Isabel McConvey, Ina McConvey, Sarah Anne Green, Rosie Brice, Ann Fitzsimons, Jean Curran
FRONT: Katherine Hanna, Dypna McConvey, Mary Curran, Rita Curran
This photo was kindly sent by Kevin Crangle

Dunsford Girls 1935 Dunsford Girls 1938
Dunsford Girls 1935- this photo was kindly sent by Kevin Crangle Dunsford Girls 1938- this photo was kindly sent by Kevin Crangle

Finnis Primary School, Dromara parish c. 1927

Finnis School (circa 1927) above
Back row: Barney Cunningham, Barney Kelly, Arthur J Doyle, Arthur Gilmore (Moybrick), Paddy Grant, Mary Kelly, Minnie Arnett, ??, Jim Kelly, Pat Morgan (Danny’s brother, Walter Hanna, Mick O’Hare(Derry), ??
Next row: Mr Bradley, Teresa O’Hare(McAteer), Bridget Morgan, Eileen O’Hare(Fitzpatrick), Molly Fee, Mary McNeill, Annie O’Hare(Marner), Rebecca Chambers, Ellen Gilmore(Arthur’s sister), Sarah Rowan, Molly Hughes, Mary Gilmore(Dree), Miss Bradley
Next row: Rosy Gilmore, Eileen Gilmore, ??, ??, ??, Vera Barr, Catherine O’Hare (Doyle), Mary Chambers, ??, ??, ??, Maggie O’Hare(Laverty)
Next row: Denny O’Hare, Joe Kelly, Peter O’Hare(Dree), Pat Curran, Sean O’Hare, Patsy Burns, Jim Arnett
Front Row: Mick O’Hare(Derry), ??, Jimmy Dornan, Jimmy Fee, ??, John Gilmore, Dicky Barr ?, Barney McNeill, Barney O'Hare

The O'Hare children are labelled. Anyone know any other names?
These lovely old photos were kindly sent by Colum O'Hare & feature his aunt Eileen O'Hare (Mrs. Fitzpatrick)

Finnis School 1948 (above)
Front row
: Jim Garret, Seamus O'Hare, Peter O'Hare, Vincent O'Hare, ??, Tony McAlister, Danny McKay, Seamus McKay, Seamus McEvoy, ??, ??.
2nd row:
Desi O'Hare, George Meehan, ??, ??, ??, Kathleen McKay(Crossgar), Patricia O'Hare, Peggy McAlister, ??, Sally McGrillen, Kathleen McKay(Levallyreagh), ??, Margaret Doyle, ??, John King, James King.
3rd row:
Lily Meehan, Maureen Lundy, ??, Moya McKay, Mary McGrillen, ??, Helen King, Ann Mageean, Bel McGrillen, Maureen Campbell.4th row: ??, Paddy McErlaine, Eric Patterson, Rosaleen O'Hare, Mary King, Eileen Mageean, Susan McEvoy(Greeran), Nancy Hanna, ? Callaghan, ??, Dan Gilmore
5th row:John O'Hare(Yankee), Brian King, John Hanna, Peggy McGrillen, Margaret O'Hare, Mary King, Seamus McEvoy, Hugh King, Eugene Doyle, Tommy McKay, Sean McKay, Danny McKay
Back row: John O'Hare(Owen), Pat King, Tommy McGuire, John Lundy, ??



Killinchy Public Elementary School in 1936 & 1938 & 1939 & 1940 (near the Church of Ireland)

Back Row (left to right):
1. Eileen Snodden; 2. Margaret Donnan; 3. Herbie Gibson; 4. Hubert Keilty; 5. ? David Cromie; 6. ? John McBurnie

Front Row (left to right):
1. Lizzie McClenaghan; 2. ? Kathleen Douglas; 3. Sadie McCormick; 4. ?; 5. Alfie Robertson; 6. John Bolton; 7. Lyle Hayes

Back Row (left to right):
1. ? Agnes Douglas; 2. Ethel Geddis; 3. ?; 4. ? Douglas; 5. ?; 6. Nan Calvert; 7. ? Snodden; 8. Maggie Downey; 9. Madge Murphy; 10. Nelly Irvine

3rd row (left to right)
1. Herbie Gibson; 2. Wm. Henry McClenaghan; 3. James McBurnie; 4. ? Sam Snodden; 5. David McClenaghan; 6. ?; 7. Brian Marks; 8. Harry Finlay; 9. Roy Bolton; 10. Alec Geddis; 11. ?; 12. Ben Bolton; 13. ?

2nd. Row (left to right):
1. Eileen Snodden; 2. Kathleen Douglas; 3. Lizzie McClenaghan; 4. Sadie McCormick; 5. Nancy McClenaghan; 6. Lallie Finlay; 7. Margaret Donnan; 8. Kathleen Gibson; 9. ? Jean Snodden; 10. ?( either Pearl or Ruby)O’Prey
11. Evacuee?; 12. ?; 13. ? (either Pearl or Ruby) O’Prey

Front Row (left to right):
1. Harry Snodden;2. John Bolton; 3. Walter Murphy; 4. ? (either James or Hubert) Cromie; 5. Alfie Robertson; 6. James McBurney; 7. John Bishop; 8. Jackie Robertson; 9. ? (either David or Hubert) Cromie; 10. Lyle Hays

Back row (left to right):
1. ? Evacuee?; 2. Alec Geddis; 3. ?; 4. ? James Cromie; 5. ? Evacuee?; 6. Brian Marks; 7. Harry Finlay; 8. ?; 9. Ben Bolton; 10. Roy Bolton; 11. ?

Row 3 (left to right):
1. Nancy McClenaghan; 2. Kathleen Gibson; 3. ? Galway; 4. Madge Murphy; 5. Nellie Irvinne; 6. Nan Clavert ; 7. ? Evacuee?; 8. ?; 9. Lallie Finlay; 10. Lizzie Coey; 11. ? Sissie Cromie

Row 2 (left to right):

1. Bertie Donnan; 2. ?; 3. ? Galway; 4. Sadie McCormick; 5. Myrtle Hayes; 6. Lizzie McClenaghan; 7. Margaret Finlay; 8. Joan Harris; 9. Minnie Harris; 10. ?; 11. ? Ethel Snodden; 12. ? Eileen Snodden; 13. Margaret Donnan; 14. Lavina McClenaghan; 15. Ann Robinson; 16. John Bishop

Front Row (left to right):

1. ?; 2. Jackie Robertson; 3. ? James McBurney; 4. Herbie Gibson; 5. Lyle Hayes; 6. Willis Finlay; 7. David Cromie; 8. Walter Murphy; 9. Hubert Cromie; 10. John Bolton; 11. John Coey; 12. George Dornan; 13. Andrew Dornan; 14. ?; 15. ? Galway

Back row (left to right):
1. Kathleen Gibson; 2. Madge Murphy; 3. Nellie Irvine; 4. Nan Calvert; 5. ? Evacuee; 6. ?;7. ?; 8. ?

Row 3 (left to right):
1. Minnie Harris; 2. Margaret Finlay; 3. Jean Galway; 4. Margaret Donnan; 5. Lallie Finlay; 6. Alfie Robertson; 7. John Bishop; 8. Jackie Robertson; 9. Walter Murphy; 10. James McBurney

Row 2 (left to right):
1. Henry Harris; 2. Bertie Dornan; 3. Eileen Snodden; 4. Jean Woods; 5. Nancy McClenaghan; 6. Lizzie McClenaghan; 7. Sadie McCormick; 8. Myrtle Hayes; 9. Lavina McClenaghan; 10. Elizabeth Cromie; 11. Margaret Martin; 12. Minnie Harris; 13. Ethel Snodden; 14. Hubert Cromie

Front Row (left to right):
1. ? Galway; 2. John Bolton; 3. John McBurnie; 4. John Finlay; 5. Willis Finlay; 6. David Martin; 7. Andrew Dornan; 8. David Cromie; 9. Jackie Robertson; 10. Herbie Gibson; 11. Lyle Hayes; 12. Harry Snodden; 13. George Dornan; 14. David Irvine; 15. Arthur Bolton

Killinchy Primary School c. 1940  

These lovely photos were kindly sent by Sandra Gilpin.

Her Mum (Sadie McCormick b. 1931 ) is in all the photos and could remember most of the names of the children. You'll notice that many were evacuees from Belfast because of 2nd World war.

Back Row (left to right):
1. ?; 2. Willis Finlay; 3. Bertie Donnan; 4. John Finlay; 5. Walter Murphy; 6. James Cromie; 7. ? Evacuee; 8. ? Hubert Cromie; 9. Herbie Gibson; 10. ?; 11. Alfie Robertson; 12. Evacuee; 13. Lyle Hayes

Middle Row (left to right):
1. Irene Robertson; 2. ? Jean woods; 3. ? Martin; 4. Joan Robinson; 5. Sadie McCormick; 6. Lizzie McClenaghan; 7. Minnie Harris; 8. Nancy McClenaghan; 9. Lallie Finlay; 10. Margaret Finlay; 11. Joan Harris; 12. Lavina McClenaghan; 13. ?; 14. Elizabeth Cromie; 15. Myrtle Hayes; 16. Anne Robinson

Front Row (left to right):
1. ?; 2. Henry Harris; 3. John McBurnie; 4. David Martin; 5. Jackie Robertson; 6. ?; 7. ?; 8. ? Robert John McClenaghan; 9. John Hayes; 10. ? Jim Dornan; 11. Andrew Dornan; 12. George Dornan



Killinchy Woods National School (in Killyleagh parish) 1895

This lovely photo of Killinchy Woods National School children in c. 1895 was kindly sent to me by Nancy McCormack Schaalje

Her two aunts are;

Alice Morrow - front row, 5th from the right - born 1889
Jane Morrow - middle row - 4th from the right - born 1885

If you know the names of the other children. Please email me.

Killyleagh Primary School 1949/1950

FRONT ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT; Rebecca Boyd,Margaret Nixon, Iris Smyth, Audrey Maxwell, Isabel Morrison, Clara Harbison, Nell Martin, Diana Smyth
MIDDLE ROW LEFT TO RIGHT; Mr Robert Greer, Thomas Young, Maureen Bennett, Irene Cranston, Etta McCormick, Noel Carter, Mr H. S. McConnell
BACK ROWLEFT TO RIGHT; Rufus Dunwoody, Wesley Martin, James Black, David McKelvey, Samuel Martin

This lovely old photo was kindly sent by Ronald Carter


A Knockbreda Elementary School

This lovely old photo was kindly sent by Alison Aldersea who was not sure which school it was but the girl who is 4th left, second row from front is Sarah Stewart ( her great aunt) and she lived in Saunders Street off the Newtownards Rd, East Belfast, so likely school there. She was born June 1910 so I put this photo circa 1917/18.


The schools I have listed for Knockbreda parish are- Ballymacarrett, Castlereagh; Harding Memorial; Knock; Knockbreckan; Newtownbreda; Short Strand; Tullycarnet(Gilnahirk); Willowfield


Does anyone recognises any of the children or can verify which school this is?



Loughbrickland 1st National School children 1900

This lovely old photo was kindly sent by Sue McClory . It's of the 1st National School children . John Byrnes was the teacher in 1910 (POD).
Sue assumes that Peter & Rose McClory's children are pictured but does anyone recognise any other children?


Lurganville National School -in Moira parish

Mary E Boyle (mother of Brian Boyle) and her siblings:

(Left to right) -Back row
7. John Boyle

Second row
1. Mary E Boyle (next to teacher), 3. James Boyle

Third row
2. Annie Boyle, 3. Maura Boyle

Front row
6. Edward Lavery? (my uncle)
Back row (left to right)

1. Richard Heaney, 5. Ethel Lavery

Middle row (left to right)

9. John Boyle

Front row (left to right)

1. Edward Lavery and 2. Thomas Lavery (my uncles), 7. Annie Boyle(?), 8. Emma Lavery
Any other names pleaae?
These lovely old photos were kindly sent by Sandra Stoddart and Brian Boyle  


Movilla National School 1940s (Newtownards)

Movilla School 1940s
Movilla School 1940s

These lovely old school photos of Movilla Public Elementary School (Newtownards) c. 1940s were kindly sent by Gaynor Kane. You can see Scrabo Tower in the background on top of the hill.
Anyone know any names?

James Robinson has identified his father, Jimmy Robinson of Greenwell St, Newtownards being in the right hand photo- 3rd row, 8th from the left.

David Hollinger has identified the teacher on the right hand photo as Miss Crawford & the date for the left hand photo as 1944/45.

David Hollinger & Norah McMilling Connelly have kindly sent the names for the left photo;Left to right.
Back row; N. Kennedy , G. Moss, S. Graham, J. Pritchard, T. Johnston, A. McKee, R. Findlay, T. Donaldson, J. Warden,
Third row; A. Davidson, N. McBlain, J. McBlain, A. Conway, I. Clegg, M. McCaw, E. Moorehead, A. Murphy, I. McCullough, A. McGilton, J. Hanna, J. Stevens.
Second row, J. Rollo, E. Donnelly, G. Smith, B. Foster ,H. Gray, S. Carson, I. Cardwell, N. McMilling, K. McClements, M. Neill, J. Good, I. Beale , W. Read, B. Moorehead
Front row; B .Findlay, H. Johnston, B. Atchinson, W. Stevenson, A. McDowell, I. Magill ,G. McConnell.

Movilla National School 1945

Left t to Right
Back row;

H. Hamilton, J. Gray, E. Dynes, J. Adams, E. Ledgerwood ,G. McGimpsey, R. Crothers, J. Gregory , J Gunning, J Whitla.
3rd Row
D .McGilton, M. Chambers, J. Sheilds, M. Clarke, E. Canmore , L. McNultey, unkown ,unkown, E. Miller, F. Whiteside.

2nd row
E. Garrett, S. Paden, M. Carser , M. McCutcheon ,J. Warden, Q. McCready, ? Magill, A. McKee, B. McDonald, E. Brown, B. McGowan.
Front Row
J. Read , E. Harvey, W. McNeilly, C. Cardy, D. Hollinger, J. Brady, S. McCambley.

This photo was kindly sent by David Hollinger  

Portaferry, St. Mary's Primary School 1951

This lovely old photo was kindly sent by Alison Denvir

Portaferry Primary School 1947,1948 ,1949 ,1950,1952 & 1953

Does anyone know any of the children's names?

This is the school in 1947 with Head Teacher Mr Robert William F. Cairns whose daughter Jenny Duguid has kindly sent the photos. This is the school in 1948 with Mr Cairns and his wife Mrs. D.M. Cairns ( Jenny's parents) This is the school in 1949
This is the school in 1950 with teachers Mr & Mrs Cairns and Mr James T. C. Welch This is the school in 1952 This is the school in 1953 with teachers Mr & Mrs Cairns and Mr James T. C Welch.. Mr. & Mrs. Cairns left soon after

Raleagh National School , Kilmore parish

It was originally funded by the London Hibernian school and the principal was William Martin in 1831 .

It became a National School. There was a soiree held there 15 Aug 1863. There is some information about the name of principals & enrolment numbers 15 Jul 1865 .


This lovely , clear photo was kindly sent by Michelle Kelly

Her grany is in the back row; send from the end- Mary Kerr nee Carvil

  References; DS 1999 p22; DR ; DR


Saintfield Academy c. 1970

The Academy school, at the western end of the town was established in 1823 by Mr Price under the direction of John McBirnie. It cost £70; and was half from subscriptions & half from Kildare Place Society It was described in 1836 as a plain, oblong building, whitewashed & slate roofed with a small playground attached and 4 acres given free from Mr Price.

The 1st principal was Rev. James Phillips of Glasgow who taught Hebrew, Greek, Latin, mathematics, English & writing. The income in 1836 from pupils was £90 a year and intellectual & moral education, classics, arithmetic, reading, writing, geography were taught . In 1836 there were 42 males & 8 females, a few Protestants ( Anglicans) with Presbyterians in the majority and 5 Catholics. in 1836, the master was Alexander Calewell (Church of Ireland) .

This school closed soon after and reopened as a national school in 1850. Tthe teacher in 1852 was Joseph Lowry (POD) and in 1892 the teachers were R.J. Matchett & T. Monaghan;

Newspaper Articles from Down Recorder;
notice for a new teacher 17 May 1845 ; Mr Smith appointed 6 Feb 1847 ; prospectus issued Oct 1847;

records in PRONI film #1701993 Ref #54; LDS film #247441 1868- 1912

This photo was kindly sent by Maurice McKee References; DR;POD



St. Malachy's Elementary School, Castlewellan 1926

These lovely old school photos of St. Malachy's Elementary School in Castlewellan were kindly sent by Damien Rogan.

In the photo below (c. 1926) we have Damien's wife's aunt Jenny McArdle ( on the end of the right front row ) The teacher is Mrs. Nangle.
Anyone know any other names?


A school near Saul possibly Ballintogher or Ballysugagh

This photo was kindly sent by Cahill Hamill .

It shows his grandfather Patrick Hamill who lived at Ballintogher with his class approx 1912 to 1915 but were're not too sure which school near Saul it's from.

The master was Mr Smith who lived at the school house which is the next house past St.Patricks chapel heading towards Raholp.


Please mail me if you recognise anyone or can tell us which school it was.


Skeogh National School, Dromore

Skeogh 1925 Skeogh School 1931 These photos were kindly sent to me by Florence Chambers whose father , William John Dickson, was school principal from 1916.
Skeogh skeogh  

Teconnaught Primary School 1925 & 1935

This school near the Catholic Church was opened in 1900 .The first principal was Thomas Cahill with Miss Mary J. O'Flynn as assistant.
records in PRONI film #1736304 Ref #1177

This top photo on the left was taken in 1925

Back row L-R; Pat Rice; Robert Carville; Matt Green; George Brennan; Jimmy Rice; Hugh Green; John Green ; Charlie Carville; Master Cahill

2nd row; L-R; Master Smith; Aggie Green; Annie Rice (Mrs. Rogan) ; Rose McLean; Maggie Mulholland; Cassie Green; Lily Brennan (Mrs. Meaney) ; Cis Green; Rosie Rice (Mrs, Lewis) ; Agnes Green

3rd Row- L-R; Willie Carvill; John Green; Mickey Marner (Raymond's father) ; Willie/ Billy Meaney; Tommy Kelly; James Dougherty; Sam McVeigh; Tom McVeigh; Annie Rice (Mrs. Hughie Dougherty) ; Alice Carville

4th Row L-R; Lizzie Rice; Maggie Murnin; Roseleen Brennan; Teasy Flynn; Francie Flynn; Cissie Flynn; Annie or Josie Kelly; Lil Green; Bridget Dougherty (Hughie's sister); Mary McLean

5th Row L-R; Jim Green; Joe Carville; Mary Green (Mrs, Brennan) ; John Moore; Davy McVeigh; Hugh Kerr; Eddie Carville

names supplied by Michelle Kelly's granny.

Teconnaught School 1935
Principal was James Cahill (son of first principal, Thomas Cahill ) also Mary Kerr (Mrs. Murney) ; Josie McVeigh; Kathleen Magee; Kathleen Lavery; Lily McCreanor; Mary Carlin; Bridget McGrath; Miss O'Flynn; Miss E. Polly and Pat McCreanor

two McDonalds; Tommy Mulholland; one Mulligan; ....McGrath; Kathleen Magoran; Patricia McNamara; Liam Kerr; Teresa Mulholland; Ivan Majury (2nd bottom row, all in black, pointy face) ; Brendan Maguire; Pat McCreanor; Cecil Orr (2nd row behind Lily Majury on right side- very smiley) ; Lucy McCreanor; Lissie McCreanor; Rosalin McGrath; Mary Orr (on the left side- standing; sister of Cecil Orr) ; John Mulholland; Dorothy Majury ( front row, left, first one sitting on a chair; Mary McCreanor; Ona Carville; ; Marie Cahill; Jeannie Kerr; Alice McCreanor; Bearnie McConvill; Lily (Elizabeth) Majury ; front row , third seat from, left wearing white skirt) ; Stewart Majury; front row 2nd from right, wearing wellington boots anbd cross legged) ; ... Carville.

This beautifully presented photo was kindly sent by Michelle Kelly ; names supplied by Michelle's granny. Identification of Majury and Orr children by Karen Wilson.

References ;



Tullymacarrette Primary School , Dromore 1936

This photo was kindly sent by Jim Dickson. It shows his mother, Isobell Knox who was born in 1925 .

Any other names please?

Tullyree Primary School , Kilcoo 1927

middle row from left ; white shirt tie ; Brian's uncle James Joseph Hillen front second from left ; Mick Hillen (another uncle)

Anyone know any other names?

This photo was kindly sent by Brian Morgan  



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