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This is my research for the surname FLYNN

from the Dromara & Ballynahinch areas

Background to Surname: FLYNN from ĎSurnames of Irelandí- Mathieson- based on 1890 census figures

It is the Anglicised form of the Irish Oí Floinn, a descendant of Flann meaning reddish or ruddy. In the 1890 census there were 23 FLYNN families in Ulster but they were mainly in Cork, Waterford, Roscommon, Leitrim and Cavan.

Graveyard Inscriptions:

Teconnaught Catholic Church Graveyard:

*Stephen Flynn- Raleagh d. 3 Jun 1961

*wife Ellen d. 13 Aug 1967

*son James d. 8 May 1986

Ballynahinch Catholic Church Graveyard:

*Kate Flynn d. 13 May 1962 } sister and

*James Flynn d. 13 May 1967 } brother to Stephen

*Charles Hanvey d. 23 Dec 1978

*Mary Hanvey d. 7 May 1988

Catherine McNamara- wife of Stephen d. 10 Mar 1970

Magheradroll old graveyard:

James Flinn of Magheradroll who died 11th May 1820 aged 16 years

Loughinisland Catholic Parish registers- in PRONI (Hard to read because of the age of the register)


  • Hugh, son of Charles, born 1806; sponsor was Alicia Jennings
  • Charles, son of Ned Flynn, born 29th Sep 1806. Sponsor was Robert Hazzard

(There were several Flynns per page of the register, and as time was short , I didnít transcribe any more.)

Marriages: (Only legible ones recorded)

  1. Cahill Flynn & Sarah Thomson- witnesses John Hanvey & James McClelland
  1. Arthur Flynn & ( unreadable)
  2. Ned Flynn & Catherine Rogan
  1. August 17th- Arch Flynn & Anne Roney

1816 Jan 19th Arthur Flynn & Bridgett Flynn, widow of Tom Smythe -the priest paid 5/-

1829 Feb 5th- John Flynn & Cecily Smyth, both of Dinnanew -priest paid 19/-

1830 May 4th Pat Flynn & Catherine Hanvey, daughter of John -priest paid £1

  1. Nov 9th- John Flynn ( son of Ned) & Ö..(unreadable) Brannigan -priest paid 15/-

Deaths: (only legible ones recorded)

  • 16 Mar 1816, death of Arch Flynn, son of James priest paid £2.2.0
  • 23 Jun 1821, death of Pat FLYNN, Waterloo, Seaforde. Whiskey & 19/- given to priest
  • 29 May 1826 death of James FLYNN of Dinnanew, £1.10.8 given to priest
  • 1837 death of Edward Flynn, £ 1.0.5. given to priest
  • 1838, death of the widow of Hugh Flynn of Grange 12/8


1962 Catherine FLYNN of Ballylone, spinster died 13 May 1962 effect of £109.0.0 to James Flynn, farmer

James FLYNN of Ballylone, farmer died 13 May 1967 probate 4 Aug to James FLYNN & Stephen McNamara, farmers £9370.12.0

Birth Certificates:

James FLYNN born on 14 March 1843; Christened 14 Mar 1843 by Rev W. McMullan for 1/6, Catholic. (f) Edward (Ned) FLYNN & (m)- Informant: Henry Rorke & S. Flynn
Ellen Maria FLYNN born 8 Feb 1915, registered Ballynahinch (f) Stephen FLYNN- farmer (m) Ellen FLYNN nee OíHARE

Spinning Wheel Premium of 1796

In 1796 men could apply for a Spinning Wheel Premium. The award gave the recipients 12 shillings: ten shillings and 10 pence per wheel. The award was judged by the trustees and is an indication of the farmerís economic situation. The Premium Entitlements Awardees Lists of the Trustees of the Linen and Hempen Manufacturers lists 52,641 entries for County Down and with 5236 wheels being granted the award rates.In the Loughinisland Parish were:-

Edward Flinn, James Flinn, Charles Flinn & Patrick Flinn
Also there was Roger Flinn from Killyleagh; Andrew Flinn from Kilcoo & John Flinn from Annacloan.

From Trevor Family Estate Papers for Dromara Parish

PRONI 182 D/778/716- 1 Nov 1822 Lease- Rose Flinn, farmer of Drin & Peter Flinn, farmer of Drinn

From "Loughinisland Church Bi-Centenary 1787-1987"

Flynns mentioned:-

Hugh Flynn of Dinnanew (near Clough) mentioned on 31st May 1828 as one who had confessions heard at his house.

Hugh Edward Flynn mentioned in a photo "The Men at the Stick"- this was a common meeting place in the evenings after Mass or work. Taken at the crossroads near the pub, 1920s.

Cecilia Flynn, born 6th December 1913 in Tareesh Lane (Sister Alban) took orders in 1942 and died 1973 (photo)



Tithe Applotment Books 1823-1838; below

These books were a list of the tithes paid by landholders to the Church of Ireland. This was an unpopular tax particularly with Catholics and Presbyterians.{ There werenít any FLYNNs in Co Down only FLINN.}

Name Parish Townland Year
James Flinn Dromara Derry
Laughlin Flinn Dromara Burrin 1826 & 1828
Laughlin Flinn Dromara Edendariff 1826& 1828
Patrick Flinn Dromara Begney
Loughlin Flinn Magheradrool Drumsnade
Patrick Flinn Magheradrool Drumanis
Hugh Flinn Magheradrool Magheradrolle
John Flinn Magheradrool Magheradrolle
Brian Flinn Loughinisland Drumaroad
Charles Flinn Loughinisland Drumaroad
Widow Flinn Loughinisland Drumaroad
Daniel Flinn Loughinisland Artana
Edward Flinn Loughinisland Artana
Hugh Flinn Loughinisland Artana
Hans. Flinn Loughinisland Tanaghmore
Hugh Flinn Loughinisland Druminakelly
Hugh Flinn Loughinisland Dinanew
James Flinn Loughinisland Dinanew
Michael Flinn Loughinisland Dunturk
Daniel Flinn Loughinisland Knocksticken
Cormick Flinn Kilmore Tyconnet
Hugh Flinn Kilmore Tyconnet
Patrick Flinn Kilmore Tyconnet
Redmond Kilmore Tyconnet
Mary Flinn Inch Ballygawley
Mary Flinn Inch Ballygawley
Pat Flinn Inch Ballynacraig
1825& 1826


Griffiths Valuation of Ireland 1863        
Townland Householder Lessor Description Rateable Value
Teconnaught Edward Flynn William B. Forde House, office & land- 8 acres £7.10.0
Teconnaught James Flynn William B. Forde House, office & land- 28 acres £21.5.0
Teconnaught Hugh Flynn William B. Forde House, office & land- 16 acres £11.0.0.
Ballylone Big *William Flynn Samuel Burns House 15/-
Ballylone Little *William Flynn Samuel Harrison House 10/-
Magheralone **Sarah Flynn Arthur H. Montgomery House, office & land- 31 acres  £29.10.0 
Drumaness Rose Flynn John Davidson House £1
Comber John Flynn Hans Russell House 15/-
Knockstricken Hugh Flynn John R. Allen House £1.15.0
Tanaghmore Edward Flynn William B. Forde House, Office & land- 15 acres £7.0.0.
Griffiths Valuation from CD series        
Head of house Parish
John FLYNN Magheradrool Cumber    
Rose FLYNN Magheradrool Drumaness    
Sarah FLYNN Magheradrool Magheradrool    
William FLYNN Magheradrool Ballylone Big    
William FLYNN Magheradrool Ballylone Little    
Catherine FLYNN Down Ballymote Upper    
Hugh FLYNN Inch Ballynacraig    
Andrew FLYNN Inch Ballynacraig    
Edward FLYNN Kilmore Teconnaught    
Hugh FLYNN Kilmore Teconnaught    
James FLYNN Kilmore Teconnaught    
Edward FLYNN Loughinisland Tannaghmore    
Hugh FLYNN Loughinisland Dunnanew    
Hugh FLYNN Loughinisland Knockstricken    
James FLYNN Loughinisland Dunnanew    
Matthew FLYNN Loughinisland Drumaroad    
Michael FLYNN Loughinisland Drumaroad    
Patrick FLYNN Loughinisland Dunturk    


1901 Census of Loughinisland              
Name Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Where born
Cumber Townland              
Jane Mother-in-law Catholic Read & write 68 - Widow Co Down
Bernard McAvoy Head of house hold Catholic R & W 28 Labourer Married Co. Down
Mary McAvoy Wife Catholic R & W 29 Flax mill worker Married Co Down
Magheradroll Townland              
Daniel Servant of John Killin Catholic R & W 28 Farm labourer unmarried Co Down
Clontaghare Townland              
John Servant of John Killin Catholic R & W 28 Farm labourer unmarried Co Down
Teconnaught townland              
Cecily Head/owner
R & W 
Co Down 
Catherine Daughter Catholic R & W 27 dressmaker unmarried Co Down
Patrick Son Catholic R & W 24 Farmerís son unmarried Co Down
John Son Catholic R & W 20 Farm servant Unmarried Co Down
Maggie Daughter Catholic R & W 18 dressmaker Unmarried Co Down
Alice Daughter Catholic R & W 13 Scholar Unmarried Co Down
Mary Flynn Sister in law Catholic R & W 94 - Unmarried Co Down
Felix Head/ owner
R & W 
Co Down 
Eliza Sister Catholic R & W 60 - Unmarried Co Down
Edmund Head/ owner
R & W 
Unmarried  Co Down 
Living with niece & nephew              
Annadorn Townland              
Dwelling owned by Patrick Burns              
Catherine A Head Catholic R & W 32 embroiderer Widow Co Down
Patrick Son Catholic R & W 6 Scholar - Co Down
Mary A Daughter Catholic - 4 - - Co Down
Maggie Daughter Catholic - 2 - - Co Down
Cassie Daughter Catholic - 1 - - Co Down
Lizzie Henvey Sister Catholic R & W 14 Scholar Unmarried Co Down
Dinnanew Townland- Clough              
Patrick Head/owner Catholic R & W 24 Farmer Unmarried Co Down
Mary Ann Sister Catholic R & W 22 - Unmarried Co Down
James Brother Catholic R& w 21 - Unmarried Co Down
Ballylone Big Townland              
**James Head/ owner
R & W 
Co Downv 
**Mary Wife Catholic R & W 49 Farmerís Wife
Co Down 
Sarah Daughter Catholic R & W 28 Farmerís daughter Unmarried Co Down
Hugh Son Catholic R & W 24 Farmerís son Unmarried Co Down
**Stephen Son Catholic R & W 22 Farmerís son Unmarried Co Down
Minnie Daughter Catholic R & W 20 Farmerís daughter Unmarried Co Down
Maggie Daughter Catholic R & W 18 Farmerís daughter Unmarried Co Down
Kate Daughter Catholic R & W 16 Farmerís daughter Unmarried Co Down
James Son Catholic R & W 12 Scholar - Co Down
Brennan Servant Catholic R & W 20 Farm servant Unmarried Co Down
Ballylone Little Townland              
Owned by William Harrison              
William Head Catholic R & W 63 Egg merchant Married Co Down
Rose Wife Catholic R & W 60 - Married Co Down
William Son Catholic R & W 32 General Labourer
Co Down 
Agnes Kearney Daughter Catholic R & W 34 - Married Co Down
William Kearney Grandson Catholic R & W 8 Scholar - Co Down
James Kearney Grandson Catholic R & W 7 Scholar - Co Down
Magheradroll Townland              
Hugh Head/ owner
R & W 
Co Down 
Hugh Son Catholic R & W 23 Farmerís Son Unmarried 
Co Downv 
Sarah Daughter Catholic R & W 29 Farmerís daughter Unmarried Co Down
Maggie Rush Daughter Catholic R & W 25 - Married Co Down
Mary Josephine Rush Grand-Daughter
Co Down 
Hugh Patrick Rush Grandson Catholic - 2 months - - Co Down


1911 Census        
For Magheradrool townland        
James FLYNN **;farm owner aged 70 farmer married 40 years Catholic
Mary FLYNNN aged 59 wife 10 chn born- 7 alive ď
Maggie FLYNN aged 26 daughter single ď
Kate FLYNN aged 24 daughter single ď
James FLYNN aged 22 farmerís son single ď
for Ballylone Little townland        
William FLYNN; farm owned by William Harrison aged 74 farm labourer widower Catholic


Civil BIRTH Registrations for Flinn & Flynn at Downpatrick Registry Office. This was the main registry office for the surrounding parishes.

Name  of child
Registration District Volume & Page number
1864 Flinn & Flynns too feint to read    
1865 Charles Flinn Downpatrick 1/508
1865 Margaret Jane Flinn Downpatrick 6/583
1865 Mary Jane Flinn Downpatrick 1/541
1865 William Flinn Downpatrick 6/558
1865 Patrick Flynn Dromore West 4/242
1866 Elizabeth Flinn Downpatrick 16/516
1866 Andrew Flinn Downpatrick 6/608
1866 Hugh Flynn Dromore West 4/270
1866 John Flynn Dromore West 1/554
1866 Patrick Flynn Dromore West 19/250
1866 Patrick Flynn Dromore West 4/266
1867 Charles Flinn Downpatrick 6/633
1867 Henry Flinn Downpatrick 6/641
1867 Mary Flinn Downpatrick 1/546
1867 Sarah Flinn Downpatrick 11/521
1867 Hugh Flynn Downpatrick 1/570
1867 James Flynn Dromore West 14/232
1867 John Flynn Downpatrick 11/521
1867 Joseph Flynn Downpatrick 6/625
1867 Nancy Flynn Downpatrick 1/570
1868 Lucinda Flinn Downpatrick 16/479
1868 Patrick Flinn Downpatrick 11/555 & 11/537
1868 Cathrine Flinn Downpatrick 11/519 & 6/600
1869 James Flinn Downpatrick 11/529 & 16/518
1869 Patrick Flinn Downpatrick 11/527
1869 Samuel Flinn Downpatrick 1/576
1869 James Flynn Downpatrick 16/545
1869 Margaret Jane Flynn Downpatrick 1/583
1869 Nancy Flynn Downpatrick 11/557
1870 Edward Flinn Downpatrick 16/533
1870 John Flinn Downpatrick 6/634 & 1/605
1870 Margaret Flinn Downpatrick 6/629
1870 Mary Flinn Downpatrick 16/525
1870 Thomas Flinn Downpatrick 1/598
1870 William Flinn Downpatrick 16/547
1870 Deborrah Flynn Downpatrick 1/613
1870 Mary Flynn Downpatrick 16/525 & 11/540
1871 Caroline Flinn Downpatrick 1/579
1871 Catherine Flynn Downpatrick 16/519
1871 Charles John Flinn Downpatrick 6/587
1871 Edward Thomas Flinn Downpatrick 6/604
1871 Elizabeth Flinn Downpatrick 1/575
1871 Hugh Flynn Downpatrick 1/599
1871 John Flynn Downpatrick 6/584
1871 John Flinn Downpatrick 16/507
1871 Margaret Ellen Flinn Downpatrick 1/575
1871 Mary Flinn Downpatrick 6/603
1871 Mary Anne Flinn Downpatrick 6/588
1871 Patrick Flynn Dromore West 9/236
1871 Sarah Flinn Downpatrick 6/582 & 1/571
1871 Thomas Flynn Dromore West 19/232
1871 William James Flinn Downpatrick 16/533
1872 Catherine Flynn Downpatrick 6/583
1872 Dennis Flinn Downpatrick 11/519
1872 John Flinn Downpatrick 1/590
1872 Mary Flinn Downpatrick 6/606
1872 Mary Ann Flinn Downpatrick 1/619
1872 Michael Flynn Dromore West 9/248
1872 Robert Flinn Downpatrick 16/546
1872 Robert Flynn Downpatrick 16/541
1873 Catherine Flinn Downpatrick 6/598
1873 Eliza Flynn Downpatrick 6/583
1873 Catherine Flynn Downpatrick 11/532
1873 Elizabeth Flinn Downpatrick 6/601 & 11/506
1873 James Flinn Downpatrick 6/593 & 16/502
1873 James Flynn Dromore West 4/265
1873 John Flinn Downpatrick 6/602
1873 Mary Flinn Downpatrick 11/512
1873 Rose Flinn Downpatrick 16/503
1873 William Flinn Downpatrick 6/593
1873 Eliza Flynn Downpatrick 11/532
1874 Bernard Flinn Downpatrick 11/637
1874 Fanny Flinn Downpatrick 1/554
1874 Rosey Flinn Downpatrick 6/574
1874 Sarah Flinn Downpatrick 6/594
1874 Patrick Flynn Downpatrick 6/572
1874 male child Flynn Downpatrick 6/689
1875 Felix Flinn Downpatrick 6/571
1875 Hugh Flinn Downpatrick 1/558 & 1/538 & 1/537
1875 Margaret Flinn Downpatrick 11/509 & 1/559
1875 Robert Flinn Downpatrick 11/528
1875 Samuel Flinn Downpatrick 6/583
1875 Martha Flynn Downpatrick 6/586
1875 Patrick Joseph Flynn Downpatrick 1/546
1875 Susannah Flynn Downpatrick 11/527
1875 female child Flynn Downpatrick 16/493
1876 Edward Flinn Downpatrick 1/590
1876 Elizabeth Flinn Downpatrick 1/572
1876 Henry Flinn Downpatrick 1/561
1876 James Flinn Downpatrick 1/569
1876 Patrick Flinn Downpatrick 11/531 & 11/513
1876 William Robert Flinn Downpatrick 6/585
1876 Henry Flynn Downpatrick 1/561
1876 Matilda Flynn Downpatrick 6/557
1877 Nathaniel Hunter Flynn Downpatrick 1/558
1877 male child Flynn Downpatrick 6/657
1877 female child Flynn Downpatrick 6/568
1877 Edward Flinn Downpatrick 11/509
1877 Hugh Flinn Downpatrick 11/509
1877 Margaret Flynn Downpatrick 6/581
1877 Stephen Flinn Downpatrick 1/543
1877 Stephen Flynn Downpatrick 21 February 1877
1880 1Q John Flynn Downpatrick  
1880 1Q Elizabeth Flynn Downpatrick  

Civil DEATH Registrations for Flynn in Downpatrick Registry Office

Year Name of deceased Age Registration District Volume # Page #
1908 1Q Felix Flynn 75 Downpatrick 1 492
1908 4Q Redmond Flynn 82 Downpatrick 1 351
1909 1Q Charles Flynn 38 Downpatrick 1 427
1909 2Q Daniel Flynn 72 Downpatrick 1 412
1909 4Q James Flynn
Downpatrick 1 395
1909 4Q Daniel Flynn 64 Downpatrick 1 401
1910 1Q Patrick Flynn 30 Downpatrick 1 437
1910 3Q James Flynn 38 Downpatrick 1 344
1910 3Q Michael Flynn 80 Downpatrick 1 335
1910 3Q Rose Flynn 55 Downpatrick 1 335
1911 1Q Edward Flynn - Downpatrick 1 389
1911 2Q Mary Flynn 63 Downpatrick 1 379
1911 4Q Edward Flynn 0 Downpatrick 1 367
1913 2Q Cecilia Ellen Flynn 3 Downpatrick 1 407
1913 3Q Hugh Joseph Flynn 4 Downpatrick 1 372
1913 3Q Mary Flynn 62 Downpatrick 1 353
1915 2Q Hugh Flynn 69 Downpatrick 1 394
1915 2Q Hugh Flynn 90 Downpatrick 1 415
1915 3Q Hugh Flynn 75 Downpatrick 1 307
1915 4Q Agnes Flynn 59 Downpatrick 1 379
1916 1Q Anne Flynn 72 Downpatrick 1 407
1916 1Q Rose Flynn 88 Downpatrick 1 403
1916 2Q Cecilia Flynn 70 Downpatrick 1 348
1917 1Q Alexander Flynn 24 Downpatrick 1 497
1918 1Q Elizabeth Flynn 70 Downpatrick 1 413
1919 1Q William Flynn 44 Downpatrick 1 516
1919 2Q John Flynn 1 Downpatrick 1 399
1919 2Q Mary Anne Flynn 33 Downpatrick 1 379
1919 2Q Charles Flynn 52 Downpatrick 1 383
1919 2Q Francis Flynn 67 Downpatrick 1 385
1920 4Q Henry Flynn 54 Downpatrick 1 340
1920 4Q Maggie Flynn 21 Downpatrick 1 334
1921 1Q Anne Flynn 84 Downpatrick 1 355
1921 1Q Patrick Flynn 74 Downpatrick 1 355
1921 3 Q Rose Flynn 89 Downpatrick 1 305
1921 4Q Mary Anne Flynn 38 Downpatrick 1 294

An Indenture from Registry of Deeds, Dublin, kindly sent by Colm O'Hare- dated 4 Aug 1916 p 21

# 60 Rice & Marner

To The Registrar of Deeds in Ireland. A Memorial of an Indenture of Transfer of Mortgage made the twenty seventh day of July 1916 (endorsed in an Indenture of Mortgage made the 5th day of March 1888 between James FLINN of Magheradroll in the County of Down, farmer of the other part and Henry MARNER of Raleagh in the County of Down, farmer of the other part. Registered in Registry of Deeds, Dublin 6th March 1888 Book 19 #152 between Daniel RICE Junior of Ballymacaramery, Thomas KELLY of Drumnaconagher and Joseph CARR of Drumnnaconagher, all of the County, farmers, executors of the last will of the therein.... named Henry MARNER late of Raleagh in the County of Down, farmer deceased & therein after ereferred to as said Executors of the one part and Patrick MARNER and John MARNER both of Raleagh in the County of Down, farmers (therein after called the Transferees) of the other part whereby after Meeting(?) that the therein Henry MARNER died on the 14th December 1902 having made his last will bearing date the 13th December 1902 where of he appointed the said Executors his executors and whereby he bequeathed interalia to each of his two sons Patrick and John parties thereto one half of his money and Probate of his said will was on the 18th February 1903 granted forth of the Principal Probate Registry in Ireland to the said executors and directing that the principal sum of £200 still remained owing on the security of the therein within written Mortgage said Indenture witnesses that for the purpose of carrying out the Trustees of the said will of the said Henry Marner deceased they the said executors as personal represenatives of the said Henry MARNER deceased Mortgagee did and each of them did thereby and transfer to the said Transferees all that the principal sum and interest then oewing on the security of the therein matter written Indenture and all interest due and to grow(?) due therein and the benefit of all or securites of the same. To hold onto the said Transferees their executors and assigns in equal Shares and said indenture also witnesses that in further pursuance of said agreement they the said Henry MARNER the deceased Mortgagee did and each of them thereby assign and convey unto the said Transferees. 'All that and those the hereditaments and prenuses comprised in and expressed to be assured by the therein within written Indenture that is to say All that and those that farm of the land with the buildings and improvements situate in the Townland of Ballylone Barony of Kinelarty and County of Down containing 15 acres and two roods Irish Plantation measured and thereabouts held by the said James FLINN as tenant from year to year under the Trustees of Kerr at the judicial rent of twent three pounds nineteen shillings and six pence and also that other farm with the buildings and improvements therein situate in the townland of Magheradroll, Barony of Kinelarty and County of Down containing 10 acres and two roods Irish Plantation measure & thereabouts held by said James FLINN as tenant from year to year under Colonel Montgomery at the judicial rent of sixteen pounds. ' To hold unto the said Transferees their executors administrators assigns as tenanta in common in equal shares subject to the equirt of redemption subsisting therein under 'the therein' within written Indenture on payment to the said Transferees of the therein within mentioned principal sum of £200 and all interest due and to overue (?) due therein which said Deed and this Memorial as to the execution thereof respectively by the said Daniel RICE Junior, Thomas KELLY and Joseph CARR are witnesses by Robert Henderson Solicitor and Robert Fowler Walker, Commission for Oaths both of Ballynahinch in the County

If anyone has any legal experience and can tell me what is going on here , I'd appreciate an opinion.

I checked the Griffiths Revision Books- The farm of 40 acres at Raleagh called The Loop was leased in 1863 by William Parkison from John Cleland & its rateable value was £5.15.0 pa
By 1885-1896 Henry MARNER had taken over the lease and its rateable value was £36 pa
By 1897-1907, Henry MARNER still had the lease at the same terms
By 1908-1918, the 40 acres had been bought from John Cleland and held in fee by the represenatives of Henry MARNER (indicting that Henry was deceased) . Interestingly, the 6 acres next door was owned by Eliza MARNER (presumably Henry's wife- nee McCaugherty)
The Loop (40 acres) was still owned in fee by the represenatives of Henry MARNER but then passed to Patrick MARNER c. 1916 then to J.J. FLYNN then to Stephen FLYNN c. 1928 . An additional 28 acres next door owned by the representatives of Henry MARNER also followed this same transfer as well as and the 6 acres owned by Eliza MARNER

Meanwhile, the farm at Magheradrool leased by James FLYNN from Capt. Montgomery and the other mentioned farm at Ballylone leased from David Ker were still being leased until 1929. Here we have to look at the Irish Land Act where the British Government were forcing (giving incentives) to large landowners to sell the farms that had been leased by these farmers for generations . Three quarters of the money was to advanced by the Land Commission to be repaid over 35 years at 5% interest. Many tenants became proprietors whilst other tenants could appy to the Land Court for a reduction in rent. This wasn't quickly taken up, so the 1885 Act said that farmers could borrow the full amount to be repaid at 4% interest over 49 years . The 1903 Act made the terms even more attractive.

So- why did Henry Marner need a mortgage in 1888 or why did his representatives buy the farm c. 1908 after his death then sell/give it to James Flynn? James Flynn died in 1923 but his sons (Hugh & Stephen) were still not able to buy his farms by 1929? Did some landlords need more incentives to obey the Land Act? We know that the previously mention Joseph Carr of Drumnaconagher bought his farm in 1907 from Alexander J.R. Stewart .
Henry's sons Patrick & John moved away from the area. Patrick moved to Drumaness and married a Protestant widow who was his senior and emigrated to Canada in 1925. John moved to London and became a doctor.

by Ros Davies

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