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Blaris Parish

Lisburn Cathedral Eglantine Church of Ireland Maze Presbyterian Seymour Street Methodist Catholic Church, Lisburn
Blaris old graveyard        

Lisburn Cathedral

Church of Ireland- Christ Church Cathedral
Castle Street and Bridge Street, Lisburn

In 1662 the town was granted cathedral status by Charles II but in April 1707 the church was destroyed by a disastrous fire that swept through the whole town of Lisburn. The rebuilding of a new church was begun the following year and the spire was added a hundred years later c. 1810. The rector in 1798 was Rev. Dr. Cupples. It is not grand building but is capable of seating 300.It has a large bell & 2 small ones. In 1852 the rector was Rev. Dean Stannus & curate Reev L. Fitzgerald.

Down Rcorder newspaper articles;
new church in Lisburn, Hillsborough Rd 22 Jan 1842

UHF has baptisms 1661-1720 & 1720 – 1750, 1763 – 1819 & marriages 1663-1735 & burials 1661-1720 on ; have baptisms 1720-1750 & 1763-1819 & marriages 1663-1735 burials 1661-1720 ; Blaris parish graveyard, gravestone inscriptions UHF Vol 5; oldest stone 1626; email me for a gravestone look-up

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Eglantine Church Of Ireland

Eglantine All Saints Church of Ireland
in Carnbane townland

This church was built by Mrs. Margaret Mulholland in honour of her husband in 1875 . This was a new parish carved out of Blaris in 1874. The graveyard was opened in 1887 but the only monument prior to 1900 is that to the Mulholland family. The vicar in 1910 was Rev. F.W. Hogan

Records available; births from 1875 & marriages from 1811 & burials from 1920; vestry minutes from 1876; gravestone UHF Vol 18; email me for a gravestone look-up; Try

This photo was kindly sent to me by Diane who also sent photos of soldiers who died in 2nd World War from around the world and who crashed and have memorials here.

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Maze Presbyterian

Maze Presbyterian Church
in Maze townland

This was an offshoot of congregation of Hillsborough church in 1854. The new church was opened in 1859 with Rev. Edward Stevenson as the first minister (until 1890 ).So that they didn't have to travel too far, he organised the congregation in his barn until the church was ready. The minister from 1891-1899 was Rev Robert Whan & in 1910 Rev. T. Dunn.

baptisms & marriages from 1856; no burial register ; gravestone inscriptions UHF Vol 18; email me for a gravestone look-up; Try

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Seymour Street, Methodist

1st Methodist Church

in Market Street,Lisburn

The first meeting house was built in 1772 . John Wesley preached there on 6 Jun 1789.

The building is now used by the Christian Workers Union.

This church was replaced by the church in Seymour St, Lisburn which was opened in July 1884 (see black and white photo)

see for more information.


The colour photo was kindly sent by G. Mark Donald

References; blue plaque on church wall


St.Patrick's Catholic Church

St. Patrick's Catholic Church
on Chapel Hill, Lisburn
Presbytery- 29 Chapel Hill, Lisburn BT 28 1EP Tel: 9266 2341

This Church was bult in 1794 and the priest in 1798 was Rev. Father Magee (a generous man) . The parish priest 1817-1839 was Rev. Hugh Smith. In 1852, the parish priest was Rev. J. McKenna. Rev. Edward Kelly was pre 1890; Rev. Mark McCashin until 1920; Rev. James O'Boyle 1920-1942; Rev. Thomas Blacker 1942- 1946; Rev. Thomas H. McAuley 1946- 1978; Rev. Joseph Cunningham 1978- 1998; Rev. Sean Rogan 1998+;

records from 1840

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Blaris old graveyard

This graveyard is in the townland of Blaris and parish of Blaris (also known as the parish of Lisburn). The site is reputed to have had a church in mediaeval times but only a mound covered with graves exists now. The oldest stone, which has no other legible wording, dates from 1626 and all have been copied with dates of death before 1864. Presumably only some of these burials appear in the Lisburn Parish Register.

Memorials of the Dead (M. D.), Vol. 10, contains a copy of 30 of the headstones, of which 10 have disappeared or are completely . All are included below and those now lost are noted. In 1918 the graveyard was in very wild condition but it is now well kept. Some of the participants in the 1798 rising were executed outside the graveyard and are interred in an unmarked plot just inside the entrance, on the right.

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This photo was kindly sent by Noel Lavery References; RSJ Clarke's Co Down gravestones

by Ros Davies